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Subject: accelerration
Date: Tue, 23 Mar 93 19:28:39 CET
There is no need for acceleration
the whole concept is handled rather quickly in the rulebook SRII
under positioning tests ( I do believe someone brought this up before)

So therefore unless we want to rewrite the SRII book for vehicle combat
I say we just keep it as is and go on to something else.

By the way since Max cruise is basically been established
FOR every thing I hope
what is next?


Daniel Waisley Lglumka@*** --------(-- IUP FENCING
SCA - Shire of Robledol, Households - Cryptic Demesne (fencing) + Brotherhood
of Agincourt (archery),
sorry for any bad grammer or spelling, etc. My mind works at 637
thoughts per minute, and my hands at 1.2 letters per second


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