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From: R Andrew Hayden <rahayden@*****.WEEG.UIOWA.EDU>
Date: Wed, 10 Feb 93 21:14:04 CET
Alright, some administrative stuff to grumble over:

1) POA
I am still looking for some brave soul to take over
maintaining the POA. Come on, I can't do everything myself.

2) Hiatus approaching
I found out on Monday that I got a new job (sorta).
Through a cooperative education agreement with the state of
Minnesota, I'm going to be going back to school to get my masters
in Juvenile Corrections. This move is going to be occuring around
the second week of March or so. What this is going to me is that
for about two to three weeks I'm going to be without net access.

Now, since I won't be around to guide this project during
that time, I'd like to get the project up to a point where we can
let everyone trundle off to work on accessories. But, in order to
do that we have a very great deal of work ahead of us. We have to
finish deciding exactly how we want vehicles to be made, work up
the tables for Chassis and Engines, set base prices for those
chassis and engines, and formalize it into a coherent document
that can be put up on FTP.

Now, that is a sh*tload of work to do in the next three or
four weeks, espicially if I'm going to be spending much of my time
racing around getting ready for a move, packing, finding an
apartment in Mankato, and generally losing my mind. But I think
we can do it.

Here's how:

We concentrate on the designing of cars, cycles, trucks,
and trailers. Later, after the basics have been worked out and we
all get a feeling for design, we can go back and write up the
chassis, engine, whatever tables for planes, boats, and the others.

3) What we have to do ASAP

Our immediate goals are to finish the tables chassis and
engines in cars, produce like tables for trucks and cycles, and
then make up one for trailers. Once those tables are done, we
have to decide HOW to mount certain accessories (like weapons) and
formalize those rules, and finally we have to decide on a pricing
structure so that everyone can be let loose on designing

4) Current arguments
Currently we have a small war brewing about relational vs.
modular construction in engines and chassis. In an effort to try
to settle this difference, I'm going to write up one last document
answering some questions posed; I'm actually going to back down on
engines, too.

This has to be settled quickly or we'll be stuck pulling
our hair out over this.

5) That's all


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