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From: Mike Goldberg <M_GOLDBERG@******.COLORADO.EDU>
Subject: A new bike. . .
Date: Tue, 29 Jun 1993 14:43:56 -0600
>>>>>[This was sent to the Shadowrn list. I think it should have been
on the Kage-car list instead. . . So here it is]<<<<<
-- Mike Goldberg

From: VAXF::IN%"tmont@****.WVU.EDU" "Todd Montgomery" 29-JUN-1993
To: IN%"SHADOWRN@*****.BITNET" "Multiple recipients of list
Subj: More toys and info

Here is something else to ponder. Let me know what you think.

-- Quiktek
a.k.a. Todd Montgomery

Let us take a look at the so-called SR racing bike shall we:

Suzuki Aurora:
Top Speed: 210 = 252 kph or 156.6 mph

For sixty years of improvement? Pathetic.
That is why I have taken a conservative estimate and produced

Kawasaki Talon 1900T

The real lord of the track is finally in commercial production. The
original Talon series that was designed by Joshua Tashimoto of
Cyberworks has been bought by Kawasaki. All the design work of the
famous Talon that rocketed Henla Krupp to a world record is now
available to the public. The Talon comes in two models: the IC model,
1900Tc, and the Electric model, 1900Te.

The 1900Tc uses two V4 compact drive planetaries to generate its
awesome, 946 total HP. These tremendous motors that are mounted in the
bikes two 36 in. diameter, 20 in wide tires. By mounting the motors in
the tires and using a special planetary gear drive system, the Talon
can generate enough Torgue to do 0-144 kph in 3.3 seconds. The active
suspension system which keeps the tires perpendicular to the road and
rotates the bike body to provide maximum traction and curve handling
ability, makes the Talon the ultimate driving experience. The tire
treads themselves are only 3 inches in thickness and are constructed
of durable polymer designed to stick to any surface. The 1900Te
replaces the V4's with two Uniq Mobility 10 kW motors. The 1900Te also
uses high capacity Ultracapacitors which can charge 110 kWh in 5

The driver of the Talon, who sits between the tires and low to the
ground, must be cybernetically connected to the Talon to provide the
control necessary for such a bike. The Talon is also available in a
one-way link model which dispenses with the Rigger gear and provides
just a Datajack link so that the driver may have an unobstructed field
of view. The driver is encased in a protective shell that allows the
bike to be very aerodynamic.

Come into your local dealer and test drive a Lengend.

>>>>[ Ahhhhh. Come to popa. ]<<<<

Kawasaki Talon 1900Tc

Handling: 2/6
Speed: 112/335
B/A: 2/0
Sig: 1
APilot: 3
Cost: 95,000Y
Seating: 1
Access: 1 Gull Wing (left side)
Economy: 30 km/liter
Fuel: IC/25 liters
Storage: 2 CF underseat
Accessories: Datajack Link, Remote Control Gear,
Rigger Control Gear, APPS (tm), Roll Bar
Availability: 10/4 days
Street Index: 2

Kawasaki Talon 1900Te

Handling: 2/6
Speed: 105/315
B/A: 2/0
Sig: 4
APilot: 3
Cost: 100,000Y
Seating: 1
Access: 1 Gull Wing (left side)
Economy: 2 PF per km
Fuel: Elec/800 PF
Storage: 2 CF underseat
Accessories: Datajack Link, Remote Control Gear,
Rigger Control Gear, APPS (tm), Roll Bar
Availability: 10/4 days
Street Index: 2

Both models look very similar to the bike in the CP2020 rulebook
were the Noamd is described. But add a shell to cover him.

Note: It is possible to install High-Performance engines or
Turbochargers into these machines. These are production models. The
Real racing models have speeds of upwards of 500 = 372 mph. Again, I
feel that this is a conservative estimate for 60 years of advancement.

Just personal opinion.


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