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From: Montgomery Box <box@***.USC.EDU>
Subject: Comments on what's discussed so far
Date: Fri, 9 Apr 93 16:00:40 PDT
This is comming a bit late, perhaps, but anyways.

> Chassis
> Name BVU Mass Body BVU: Basic Vehiclar Unit - the bas
> --------------------------------- number of space units the
> Mini 800 400 1 chassis contains.
> Small 1400 700 1
> Medium 2000 1000 2 Weight: Mass in kg of the chassis a
> Large 2800 1400 3 related vehicle parts
> X-Large 3800 1900 4 Body: Starting body score
> ESU: Engine Space Units - the number of units of engine space an item takes u
> Each ESU takes two BVU from the vehicle's total.
> PSU: Passenger Space Units - the number of units of passenger space an item
> takes up. Each PSU takes two BVU from the vehicle's total.
> CSU: Cargo Space Units - the number of units of cargo space an items takes up
> Each CSU takes one BVU from the vehicle's total.
> Engines
> A engine is designated be two characteristics: its size in ESU and its type;
> Internal combustion (IC) or Electric (Elec).
> Power Units = (size)^2 PU
> Mass = size kg
> The following figures are derived from the engine:
> Cruising Speed = (Power/Mass) m/combat turn
> Maxium Speed = 3 * Cruising Speed
I could be wrong here, but isn't it true that an electric also can't
reach the same speeds(assuming all ele is the same) as a IC car?
Perhaps you have come up with some arguments as to why they should
be the same that I haven't seen.
> Effiency (IC) = (28000/Mass) km/lt Effiency (MF) = (42000/Mass) km/lt
Someone mentioned(correctly, I believe) that Multi-Fuel cars are much
more ineffiect than IC cars. Why then are they 1.5x more effecient?
I think that if the values were reversed(i.e. IC Eff. = 42000/Mass
km/lt), it would be more true to form.
> Effiency (Elec) = (2000/Mass) km/PF Effiency (ImpElec) = (1000/Mass) km/P
These look fine. Small efficency, but seems to be case, given
> I propose these two values for electric economy because in RBB the ImpElec
> engines are more powerful than Elec, but burn up "fuel" twice as fast. Now
> anybody have ideas on how different the PU should be on MF and ImpElec? RBB
> indicates a +25% to power for ImpElect and a -14.3% power for Multifuel.
> Signature:
> IC/Multifuel = 2
> Electric/Improved Electric = 5

> Handling:
> Car: 3/6 (no autopilot or rigger controls)
> See Ya in Shadows,
> Jason J Carter
> The Nightstalker
> Deputy Listmaster

You've made some real progress people. I'm impressed with how
far that you`ve gotten. Congrats!

Until Later,
Monte Box

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