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From: "Jason Carter, Nightstalker" <CARTER@***.EDU>
Subject: DSF: Decided/Discussed So Far
Date: Fri, 14 May 1993 12:21:17 -0700
Welcome to What We Have Decided/Discussed So Far (DSF). Below I have included
everything that I could find or remember that we have reached a consensous upon.
If you have any of the missing equations or if you question what is below,
please speak up so I can correct it. This way we all know what is going on.
Now nothing on here is carved in stone. The purpose of DSF is to encourge
discussion and to keep us all up to date with the lastest figures and formulas
we have been bouncing around. I therefore expect to have everybody (yes all
thirty of you) to respond in some manner. And I don't mean send me privite
E-Mail that says "Everything looks fine to me." Post to the list. I would like
to see us break qouta someday.


Name BVU Mass Body BVU: Basic Vehiclar Unit - the basic
--------------------------------- number of space units the
Mini 800 400 1 chassis contains.
Small 1400 700 1 Weight: Mass in kg of chassis and
Medium 2000 1000 2 other related vehicle parts.
Large 2800 1400 3 Body: Starting body score.
X-Large 3800 1900 4

ESU: Engine Space Units - the number of units of engine space an item takes up.
Each ESU takes two BVU from the vehicle's total.
PSU: Passenger Space Units - the number of units of passenger space an item
takes up. Each PSU takes two BVU from the vehicle's total.
CSU: Cargo Space Units - the number of units of cargo space an items takes up.
Each CSU takes one BVU from the vehicle's total.

A engine is designated be two characteristics: its size in ESU and its type.
Size is measured in ESU. The types are Internal Combustion (IC), Multifuel
(MF), Electric (Elec), and Improved Electric (ImpE). Characteristics derived
from these two are power and engine mass. The mass of the vehicle and type of
engine determine the Effiency. Power and mass of vehicle determine speed.

Mass (kg) = Size (ESU)

Power Equations Effiency Equations
Power (IC) = size^2 Effiency (IC) = (28000/Mass) km/lt
Power (MF) = size^2/1.2 Effiency (MF) = (42000/Mass) km/lt
Power (Elec) = size^2/1.7 Effiency (Elec) = (2000/mass) km/PF
Power (ImpE) = size^2/1.4 Effiency (ImpE) = (1000/Mass) km/PF

Cruising Speed = (Power/Mass) m/combat turn
Maxium Speed = 3 * Cruising Speed

Turbocharged, Customized, and HP Engines:
Turbo Charging Customizing High Performance
Power Increase: +10% +20% +100%
Mass Increase: +20% +40% +100%
Sig Mod (per level): -1/2 full -1 -1
Maximum Levels: 5 5 1
Notes: None Max -2 Sign. No Customizing
RBB Risk

Fuel Tanks and Batteries:
Fuel Tank size: 1 ESU per liter Mass: 0.8 per ESU
Batteries size: 1 ESU per 20 PFs Mass: 1.0 per ESU

IC/Multifuel = 2 (base)
Electric/Improved Electric = 5 (base)

Car: 3/6 (no autopilot or rigger controls)
Adding Autopilot increases handling buy +1/+2.
Improved Suspension:
Level 1 5% chassis mass -1/0 handling
Level 2 10% chassis mass -2/0 handling
Off-Road Suspension:
Basic 20% chassis mass off-road reduced to on road
Improved 1 30% chassis mass as basic +1/-1
Improved 2 40% chassis mass as basic +2/-2
Active Suspension:
Basic 25% chassis mass off-road reduced to on road
Improved 40% chassis mass as basic -1/-1
No two suspension types may be used together.

Armor and Body Increase:
Armor (per point): 10% chassis mass Each 5 points increases handling by 1
Body Increase:
+1 = 5% chassis mass; +2 = +15% chassis mass; +3 = +30% chassis mass

Passive Thermal Masking:
Possible for IC and Multifuel only. Adds +1 to sig. Adds +1/+1 to handling
unless more expensive design is used.
Size: ??? ESU Mass: ??? kg

See Ya in Shadows,
Jason J Carter
The Nightstalker
Deputy Listmaster


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