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From: ArkAngel <DUNN@******.BITNET>
Subject: eqs...
Date: Fri, 12 Mar 93 11:34:00 EST
Based on the average cars today, I'm not entirely certain what they'd
deem cruising speed, but most I've driven seem to 45 as the speedometer at
straight up, and normally that seems to be the speed that they're designed to
handle... Following that logically, that would make 90 the max speed, which
also seems to apply for most sedans...
From there, it follows that a 2x multiplier for max speed makes more
sense... I'm not sure if it's true in all cases, it just makes more sense to
As to Electric vs. IC engines, I would suggest that the weights of the
two would just about balance out, if only because of the weight of batteries...
In order to maintain a decent sized charge, they're gonna take up a lotta mass
and space... Somebody suggested polymer batteries a while back, though, and
since I have no knowledge of that field (yes, I'm admitting to not knowing
about something!) I can't really argue that point... However, until somebody
shows some better info about this, I'd go with equal power ratings for Electric
vs. IC, but maybe give an electric slightly better economy and a higher price
tag... This'd compensate for the cheaper fuel, at least in my mind
Last thing that comes to mind is acceleration, and as to why we're
discussing this, I'll take the blame for it. I'm pretty sure I was the first
one who posted equations for the speeds and economy, and I closed the post by
asking if anyone could write an acceleration curve with it. Things sorta got
outta hand from there. However, as Jason stated, we really don't need them in
most cases... The semi-linear ones that somebody just posted actually seemed
like a pretty reasonable substitue to me...

First law of RPG adventure writing:"In any given scenario, there are 4
possible player actions, the three reasonable ones the GM expects, and the one
the players ultimately divise and use."

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