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From: "Michael A. Kauffman" <mak9@******.EDU>
Subject: ESU, PSU, CSU, BVU
Date: Thu, 25 Mar 93 00:34:21 EST
Alright I know I'm going to get the wet crap treatment for this but I wasn't
around when you discussed the different "space" units. If I'm bringing up
something that has already been thrown around too much, I'm sorry.

OK, the question is: do we really need 4 different units for volume? This
seems unneccessary to me; volume is volume. The following example will
illustrate the real problem I have with this:

Let's say a item takes-up 100 CSU (100 BVU) if placed in the trunk. How many
PSU would it take-up if placed in the backseat? According to the formulas it
would take up 50 PSU (100 BVU). Now in stead of having .one. volume it has
three; CSU, PSU, BVU. And the players has to keep track of or calculate each
one. And if the item is some sort of engine part it gets anothe volume. Why
not keep all volumes equal (i.e. all measured in VU (volume units)).

I'll stop my ranting now. I reallize the this post has very bad timing and
therefore will not be too upset if it gets ignored.

Just my thoughts

Michael A. Kauffman
AKA Amonchare


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