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From: "Michael A. Kauffman" <mak9@******.EDU>
Subject: fuel tanks
Date: Sat, 1 May 1993 14:51:36 EDT
You are right Carter 10 BVU's per liter is way to high. I think I made a
mistake in my calculations ( multiplied when I should have divided)
ArkAngel's (welcome back) suggestion of 2 BVU's per liter seems to be at the
right order of magnitude maybe still allittle high but at least in the
ballpark. I think 1 BVU per liter would be more reasonable.

Considering Carter's suggestion that fuel tanks be taken out of ESU (fine with
me), that would be 1 ESU gives 2 liters of fuel capacity. or a 20 liter tank
would take up 10 ESU. Comments?

As to mass of the tank, lets calculate for a full tank as Roberson suggest.
Therefore mass would be about .8 time the tanks capacity.

For batteries how about 1 ESU provides 20 PFs ( for ArkAngel: PF's are our
unit of stored electrical fuel. Check the DSF for more details on their
comparison to regular fuel.) As for mass of batteries, maybe 10 PFs equal 1
kg. does this make sense? Should a battery of 200 PFs have a mass of 20 kg?

Mike Kauffman
AKA Amonchare

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