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From: fortran makes me itch <PROGERS@******.BITNET>
Subject: grumblings of madmen
Date: Fri, 12 Mar 93 19:54:00 EDT
well, i haven't posted in a while due to a couple of things beyond the classic
"school work and all that stuff".

1) i'm starting not one, but two companies - one of which deals with gaming -
but i've not had the time to properly devote to shadowrun.

2) long ago i posted my decompilations on the RBB. i got a couple of responses
thru email but since the list discussion seemed to be ready to dump the RBB
on general principle i went with the flow and quietly watched the more
mathematically capable do the dirty work ;)

i prefer max speed to be about 3x crusing speed. i'm not sure why, and i
really isn't grounded in a lot of physics, but it "feels" better. with RPGs
sometimes you have to be more "aesthic" than "realistic". besides, my
car (a '79 caprice) starts losing the finer points of control around 30, but
will max at least 75 (i haven't been brave enough to push the old engine much

i don't know enough mechanics to judge the quality of the values being
suggested, but i do have enough math background to understand them -
therefore i've simply watched.

ah well, that's my "disclaimer" and my 0.02Y worth.
give our bbs a call sometime, 517/629 2002, 9600 baud, 24 hrs/day



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