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From: "Michael A. Kauffman" <mak9@******.EDU>
Subject: handling, autopilot, etc.
Date: Mon, 3 May 1993 15:44:23 EDT
Hello all,

The weekend's been a little slow but that's to be expected. Let's get back to

Do we want to change anything from RBB? Auto pilots are rated 1 through 4.
The ratings basically reflect the computers ability to control the vehicle
(i.e. determine the number of dice used in a success test.) The rating also
refers to the type and quality of the maps stored in the computer. Autopilot
rating adds to a riggers control pool (when controlling the vehicle). But all
autopilots add +1/+2 to the vehicles handling.

My question is why do autopilots effect handling? Does anyone have a

That leads to handling:
Improved suspension decreases on-road handling by 1 but does not affect
off-road handling. There is only one level of improved suspension. Sound

Off road suspension improves off-road handling at the expense of on-road
handling. There are two levels of off-road suspension but level one is not
upgradable to level two(i.e everything must be replaced when replacing level
one with level two.) level one increases on-road by 1 and decreases off-road
by one. level doubles this effect.

Off-road suspension also has another drawback according to RBB. It reduces
the speed and economy of the vehicle. There are two ways we can do this in
our system. One: increase the mass of the chassis. Two: both increase the
mass of the chassis and decrease the effective power of the engine.
Here are some numbers just to get us started. -5% on power, + 10% on chassis
mass per level. Comments?

Max increase in body:
According to RBB the max body is eight not double the original. This is just
meant as information. I am satisfied with double the original.

Passive thermal masking:
Possible for IC and MultiFuel engines only. Add +1 to sig. Also adds +1/+1 to
handling. The handling modification can be eliminated by spending more money.

Let's keep moving.

Mike Kauffman
AKA Amonchare

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