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From: "Jason Carter, Nightstalker" <CARTER@***.EDU>
Subject: Heres an Engine Proposeal
Date: Tue, 9 Feb 93 22:47:44 CET
Hi Chummers,
Looking at the various ideas for engine types and reading that RBB
decomplilation by Patric Rogers gives me the following idea. First I would have
to agree with the limited number of engines R Hayden wants as opposed to highly
customized engines. I therefore propose the following chart.

Engines: Power Units Speed Yeilded
Type ENU Weight Combustion Electric Combust Electric
--------- ----- ------ ------------------------- --------------------
Mini 100 200 1400 800 35/105 20/60
Small 175 350 2450 1400 35/105 20/60
Medium 250 500 3500 2000 35/105 20/60
Large 350 700 4900 2800 35/105 20/60
Ex. Large 475 950 6650 3800 35/105 20/60

Type: Engine type
ENU: Allocated engine Units
Weight: Weight in kg
Power Units: Power units were calculated such that assuming the average car
weighted approximately it NPU in kgs that:
(20 * PU)/weight = vehicle cruising speed per turn
Maximum speed would be Cruising speed * 3
Speed Yeilded: This is the speed given if the engine is placed in a car with the
same chassis type as its own type with vehicle weight equal to
NPU in kg.
Notes: As implemented above combustion & electric engines take up the same
amont of space. The advantage of electric would be that the electric engine
would have a small battery preinstalled while would eliminate the need for
extra fuel is used in conjunction with Grid Link and/or Solar Cells.
Combustion engines would have to use extra space for fuel.
Power units for standard electric engine are same as electric.
Power units for improved electric would equal electric * 1.25.
Power units for internal combustion engine are same as combustion.
Power units for multifuel would equal combustion * 0.857 (sorry).

For additional speed turbocharging and engine customization could be added.
What do you think?

See Ya in Shadows,
Jason J Carter
The Nightstalker


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