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Mailing List Logs for ShadowRN

From: Mark Storer <mstorer@******.CSCI.UNT.EDU>
Subject: Hi Guys...
Date: Tue, 6 Apr 93 18:43:13 -0500
I vote that:
a) We keep going over the summer, I'll be here. After that... I donno

b) We go with the single space type.

c) we mess with the Multi-Fuel economy, based on what fuel it is using.
Hydrogen might be 2 times more effecient (for example, I don't
have any real figures) than gasoline, and whatsahol might be only
half as effiecient. I think that a MF engine should get a lower
performance than an engine specificly designed for a given fuel.
How does 15% sound? (just a guess, anybody have a Better Idea?)

d) "There is no rule number 6!"

We (We? This bum is makeing his first post and saying "We"?) might also
want to decide on minimum and maximum sizes for each type of engine. Or rather
than a fixed maximum, a size (or sizes) at which the cost of the engine will
change dramaticly. The costs for skillwires are a good example for this, but
rather than having a "Smallest is cheapest per level", have a optimum
price/size ratio somewhere around what whould comfortably push around a sedan.




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