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Subject: HI I'm finally getting around to writing in
Date: Tue, 23 Mar 93 18:31:00 CET
Hello everyone,
I decided to follow what Robert said and start being more active on the list.
That is after my spring break was over. Now that it is over and I have gone
through the Kage-car mail, I am ready to give my worthless opinion.

Max Cruising speed- It should be x3 for land vehichles
from what I have seen in the books, this is what it mostly
is. There are exception that break this but they bring forward
the fact that some things you can do will increase or decrease

I am noty totally sure what the speed should be for air vehicles
(this does not include ACV's) But from what I can see
It SHOULD NOT BE x3. None of the Air vehicles are x3
we might modify the rules some and I will look into it some more.
(I have only spent 2min looking through the book to come to this

Well thats it for now.
Later, after research, will come more ideas
including Acceleration (whether or not to have it)

Nightfox + Lister
I figured I needed the advice of a rigger - Nightfox :)

Daniel Waisley Lglumka@*** --------(-- IUP FENCING
SCA - Shire of Robledol, Households - Cryptic Demesne (fencing) + Brotherhood
of Agincourt (archery),
sorry for any bad grammer or spelling, etc. My mind works at 637
thoughts per minute, and my hands at 1.2 letters per second


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