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From: Amonchare <mak9@******.EDU>
Subject: RE: HP to watts and vice-verca
Date: Tue, 23 Feb 93 17:33:49 EST
>Here is bit of info. to make the speed calcs. more "Vehicle"
>1 Horse Power = 769 Watts
>-- Quiktek

There are a few reasons that I would like to use kilowatts rather than

1) Shadowrun uses the metric system. This by itself would make no difference
to me.

2) The metric system tends to be easier math. Conversions are often in factor
of 10.

3) I know the units of the metric system (e.g. mass(kg),power(w=kg m^2/s^3),
velocity(m/s,km/h). And know how they interconvert. I can't (and don't
believe many people could) say that I know how to interconvert the English

4) If we start in the English system (kw) we will have to convert to metric
somewhere along the way in order to get metric units (m/s,m,km/l) I prefer to
convert to metric in the beginning. hp can be converted to to kilowatts by
multiplying by approx. 3/4 (actually .7457 slightly different from what Quiktek
states above but I know that there are several units called a horsepower may
be .769 is the correct conversion for one of them. Anyway the difference the
two conversions is minuscule.)

This post is in no way meant as a flame. I understand Quiktek's concerns. Just
wanted to explain why was doing the calculations in metric. (And will
continue to even if the group decides to work in the English system. I'll
just have to convert my final answers.)

Well anyway welcome back all. I have worked out a few more things and will be
posting them to the net in the next day or two. I would have posted them
earlier but I didn't think anyone would notice with all the goings on on
S-talk. I thought about putting my 2 cents in but figured there were already
to many authors. So I just sat back and enjoyed the story. And it was a good
story. Good job to anyone involved who is listen to this net.

Among the item i will be posting to net for comment are:

Eq. for Economy
Eq. for Acceleration
list of useful metric unit (if there is an interest)

In the meantime, is MONICA really gone?
A.K.A. Amonchare
(Michael A. Kauffman)


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