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From: "Living on the edge of a hurricane...dancing on the river of
Subject: I'm going to be more active on here now
Date: Tue, 30 Mar 93 17:46:05 CET
I've been on this list for a couple months now, and I've been really bad
about not posting. Now, I have just unsub'd from the main list and
HOPEFULLY will have more time to devote to this list. I have been gone
for spring break and am not sure quite where we are. If we're still on
acceleration, engine power, max speed, etc. Here are my views:
ACCELERATION: Would be nice, but I don't think we need it. If we can
make it simple enough, like some division of max speed, ok, but
otherwise, I say forget it.
ENGINE POWER:Unfortunatly I am blissfully ingorant in the field of
automechanics, so I have little input here.
MAX SPEED:Either 2 or 2.5x crusing speed.

Question:Are we planning to turn this in to FASA once we are done?

Living on the edge on a hurricane.....
>>>Dub [08:39:35/3-30-55]<<<
AKA, Luke Miller


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