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From: "Living on the edge of a hurricane...dancing on the river of
Subject: Input from the masses
Date: Fri, 12 Mar 93 18:58:51 CET
Well said Hayden. I must admit that I am guilty of that very thing. I usually
just read the messages and delete them. So I'll take your advice and voice my
I missed oput on the very begining of this discussion, so I don't quite
know some background. Are we planning to send this new set of equations off to
FASA, or are they just for us? If they are only for us, then we sould make them
as complex as we like. If we want to send them to FASA, then we should simplify
a bit.
Personally, I like having accurate stats on my vehicle, as long as I
don't have to slog through a bunch of equations every single combat turn, I
think we should pursue the technical aspect.

Just my .02.....

Dub [10:22:35/3-12-55]


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