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Mailing List Logs for ShadowRN

From: "Jason Carter, Nightstalker" <CARTER@***.EDU>
Subject: Late night Talks
Date: Sun, 31 Jan 93 23:55:02 CET
Hi everyone,
Robert seems to have included in everything of real substance from our
late night converstion. We all should try to talk to someone else about this
idea because it is a lot more productive than sending messages back in forth.
Now on the all important subject of accessories, although we will be worrying
about them later, I wanted you all to know that we decided the basically
accessories include everything either non-essential to vehicle or anything in
which there are a good number of options. A good example is seats. Would you
like a Bench, Standard Bucket, or Hi-Tech Cockpit.
The chart for Car Chassis Robert posted is the one we decided on, we'll have
to see how it works out. I also came up with an idea that might be useful. The
body score of the vehicle could be determined by a simple formula NERPS/1000. I
put the respective bodies on the chart so you could see. I think it follows
the body levels as done in Shadowrun
Name Weight (in kg) Nerps Body
Mini 400 800 1
Small 700 1400 1
Medium 1000 2000 2
Large 1400 2800 3
X-Large 1900 3800 4

Weight: Is the total weight of all the parts of the chassis.
Nerps: This is the unallocated pool that you draw from.
Body: The base Body score as used in SR combat.

Just in summary of our talk, even though R. Hayden made a nice long post we
just decided these few simple things.
1) A NERP is a NERP is a NERP.
2) Unallocated car NERPS (same as on chart).
3) Chassis weight is 1/2 the Unallocated NERPS.
4) 1 Person = 100 NERPS.
5) 1 Allocated Engine NERP = 2 Unallocated NERPS.
6) 1 Allocated Passenger NERP = 2 Unallocated NERPS.
7) 1 Allocated Cargo NERP = 1 Unallocated NERP.

See Ya in Shadows,
Jason J Carter
The Nightstalker


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