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From: Montgomery Box <box@***.USC.EDU>
Subject: More opinions
Date: Fri, 9 Apr 93 16:01:44 PDT
> Hello,
> Lets play some catch up.
O.k. Let's. I like games. :)

> Amonchare hates the four types of volume. Does anybody agree with him?
Personally, I think that they are fine. As long as there is some
way to costomize between them, I don't see any problem wiht them.
> He likes my electric effiency formulas. Do the rest of you?
Yes. The electric effiency formulas were very good.

> He also gave us two sets of figures for power on Multifuel and Improved Electr
> engines. They are the
> Rigger Black Book Equations
> size(IC) = sq. root (Power) or Power = size^2
> size(MF) = 1.1 * sq. root (Power) Power = size^2/1.2
> size(IE) = 1.2 * sq. root (Power) Power = size^2/1.4
> size(El) = 1.3 * sq. root (Power) Power = size^2/1.7
> and the
> Electric same as IC
> IC, MF are the same as above
> size(IE) = sq. root (Power) or Power = size^2
> size(El) = 1.2 * sq. root (Power) Power = size^2/1.4
> Personally I perfer the RRB set. Of course you'll probably remember me
> suggesting equations base off of it myself. Which do you perfer?
I strongly dissagree that electric engines should have the same power
rating as an IC car. So, I prefer the RBB equations.
> On the question as to whether there should be limits on the engine sizes for
> Multifuel and Electric engines. My first reaction is that there is no need
> since the power to size ratio of Electric engines is too low for oversized
> vehicles. On the same track, no one would use the less efficient MF on a
> motorcyle.
I really don't think that it is necessary to have an arbitrary limit.
If necessary, you could include a diminishing returns part, which would
make it unlikely people would go above it, but not impossible(e.g.
you COULD[I think] get a 100 gb hard disk, but it would cost so much,
it would no longer be worth it.)

> Now I distinctly remember someone saying they had a formula for Turbocharging
> in the works. Where is it?
I'd like to see this too. Perhaps I missed it?

> Several people have said they want the list to
> continue. I have yet to see some of your responses to the lastest DSF. Speak
> up people or there will be no reason to go on.
> See Ya in Shadows,
> Jason J Carter
> The Nightstalker

Later, Peoples.
Monte Box


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