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Subject: NERPS and dice rolls
Date: Wed, 3 Feb 93 16:00:00 EST
cars, trucks, boats, planes, engine blocks, wheels
and of course killing the annoying person who is writing this

Dice rolls
I think we need to remember the dice not only could we use
dice to say how long it takes to design and build the car, but they
can also be used to say how much better the design is than expected

ie the rules would say if you take engine A frame B gear C
and so on the car will be D
but with dice we could allow the cars to exceed this
say like faster speeds, better control, more space
this would explane why some vehicles like the BLITZEN and the DYNAMO
are better than the other cars of the same type
ie why everything they have doesn't add up ( 2 + 2 = 5)

so instead of less time we could give better performance.

Daniel Waisley Lglumka@*** --------(-- IUP FENCING
SCA - Shire of Robledol, Households - Cryptic Demesne (fencing) + Brotherhood
of Agincourt (archery),
sorry for any bad grammer or spelling, etc. My mind works at 637
thoughts per minute, and my hands at 1.2 letters per second

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