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Message no. 1
From: "Jason Carter, Nightstalker" <CARTER@***.EDU>
Subject: Passenger Accessories!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Date: Tue, 4 May 1993 19:44:10 -0700
Hi everybody! I did these basic stats for passenger accessories last friday,
but haven't had enough free time to type them in until now. Let's hear what you
think about them.

Passenger Accessories:

Advanced Passenger Protection System (APPS tm)
Sometimes installed as standard in expensive cars, this retrofit consist of
specially placed secured seat belts, additional impact-activated air bags in all
passenger positions, and special reinforcement of the body panels. In a crash,
the system gives the vehicle an extra three points of Armor, and gives each of
the passengers two extra dice for the Damage Resistance Test. To exit the
vehicle following such a crash, however, requires a Strength(5) Test.
Space: 20 PSU Weight: 50 kg

Bench Seats
A single bench seat holds two people uncomfortable. Single benches are what
you find in the back of most sports cars. A double bench holds three people,
assuming the individuals are of normal size. Orks and Trolls with body scores
greater than 6 take up the space of 1.5 people.
Bench seating is popular in compact vehicles or where space is at a premium.
Many cars like hatchbacks and station wagons have folding bench seats that give
more cargo space (150 for Single/300 for Double bench) when put in the down
position. This cargo space can not be used for options.
A bench seat may be armored, but that armor protection only aids against
attacks from behind. A seat may have up to 4 points of armor which gives gives
the character behind it an additional die on Damage Resistance Test for attacks
made through it.
Single Bench - Space: 100 PSU Weight: 10 kg + 3 kg per point of armor
Double Bench - Space: 200 PSU Weight: 20 kg + 6 kg per point of armor

Bucket Seats
A bucket seat holds a single normal-sized person in greater comfort than a
bench seat. Orks and Trolls with body scores greater than 6 are uncomfortable
in standard bucket seats, but have the same comfort as other people recieve
from a bucket seat if they are in a Large Bucket Seat.
Bucket seats may be armored to provide protection from weapons fire. Each
point of armor, up to a maximum of 4, gives the character an additional die on
Damage Resistance Test against any attacks from the side or rear.
A bucket seat may be an ejection seat, a seat with a small solid-fuel rocket
and rudimentary stabilization systems attached. Ejection seats include a para-
sail that deploys on ejection and brings the chair and occupant safely to the
ground, assuming the occupant is safely strapped in. The extra weight of the
seat is for the rocket and the necessary jettison-capable panels that allow the
seat to be fired clear.
Normal Bucket Seat - Space: 100 PSU Weight: 5 kg + 2 kg per point of armor
Large Bucket Seat - Space: 120 PSU Weight: 8 kg + 3 kg per point of armor
Ejection Seat - Space: +60 PSU Weight: +30 kg

Crash Cage
The so-called crash cage is a high-tech option available for most vehicles
only as a retrofit. It takes standard passenger-protection one step further,
providing a completely padded and hydraulically cushioned bucket seat that
protects the passenger in a crash. In the event of a crash, the crash cage
provides the occupant with an extra six dice for the Damage Resistance Test.
The crash cage is available in normal and large sizes and can be armored just
like a bucket seat.
Normal Seat - Space: 140 ESU Weight: 25 kg + 2 kg per point of armor
Large Seat - Space: 160 ESU Weight: 30 kg + 3 kg per point of armor

Datajack Link
A datajack link allows an individual equipped with a datajack to plug into a
vehicle and control it with rudimentary cybernetic commands. No vehicle control
rig is needed to use a datajack link; only a datajack is necessary. In addition
to the actual datajack port, various pieces of mechanical and electronic
hardware are installed in the vehicle to allow the cybernetic control.
Use of a datajack link adds +2 to the Reaction rating of the character while
controling the vehicle. Installation of the datajack control hardware also
raises the vehicle's Handling Rating by 1.
Size: 40 ESU Weight: 10 kg

Gyro-Stablizied Coffee/Expresso Maker
The gyro-stablized coffee/expresso maker is a fully functional personal
expresso machine in a gyrostablized platform. The gyro-stablizer is able to
keep all the coffee in the machine under all but the absolutely worst driving
conditions. Generally anything less than tiping the vehicle onto two wheels
will not spill coffee.
Size: 15 ESU Weight: 10 kg

Integrated Controls
Installation of intergrated controls involves intergrating the vehicle's
primary control interfaces (steering, speed, and the like) into fast-response
controls built into the arm rest of an armored bucket seat. Doing so improves
the reflexes of the vehicle's controller, and also frees up space through the
removal of the primary-control interfaces.
Integrated controls may be used as secondary controls ONLY if the primary
controls are also intergrated.
Primary - Space: -20 ESU Weight: 0 kg
Secondary - Space: 40 ESU Weight: 25 kg

Rigger Control Gear
Rigger control gear covers the various pieces of mechanical and electronic
hardware that must be installed in a vehicle before a rigger can control it
cybernetically. A datajack link is included in the vehicle control gear for
full rigger interface.
Control of a vehicle through vehicle control gear by a character with vehicle
control rig gives that character access to the Control Pool, as well as the
full reaction and Initiative increases bestowed by the cyberware.
Size: 120 ESU Weight: 50 kg

Roll Bars
A roll bar adds to the rigidity of the vehicle in a crash situation, adding
three dice to any character's Damage Resistance Test following a crash.
Size: 40 ESU Weight: 5% of Chassis

Secondary Controls
Rarely installed on ground vehicles, secondary controls duplicate the basic
steering and speed-control functions of the primary controls, and they are
normally slaved to those controls. A good example of secondary controls is the
copilot controls on an aircraft.
Size: 40 ESU Weight: 25 ESU

Hope you all enjoyed these. Make comments and more stuff!

See Ya in Shadows,
Jason J Carter
The Nightstalker
Message no. 2
From: "Michael A. Kauffman" <mak9@******.EDU>
Subject: Re: Passenger Accessories
Date: Thu, 6 May 1993 15:38:25 EDT
In general everything looks good. Nice touch with the Expresso maker.

The only thing I wish to reserve judgement on (at least until I can stiff
through some alternative ideas floating through my head) is seats, both bench
and bucket. Carter's ideas match RBB well. I'm just not sure I like what RBB

More on this in the near future(Even if it is only to say that I can't come up
with anything better.)

Mike Kauffman
AKA Amonchare


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