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Mailing List Logs for ShadowRN

Subject: Response to the DSF
Date: Sun, 4 Apr 93 00:24:34 CET
I have a question: When we began all of this, we were going to include drones,
cars, bikes, trucks, planes, choppers, zeppelins, boats and just about every
other form of vehicular transportation available in Shadowrun. My question is
about the BVU chart: are we going to have separate charts for every "type"
(other charts to be written up later) or will we use the same chart for each
and simply say that the units are diferent; e.g. 100 Drone BVUs are NOT the
same as 400 Truck BVUs. If the latter option is taken, will we equate them so
that people can pull out a drone motor and run an underpowered cycle (not that
people would design these on purpose, but what if they were stranded and had
a bike chassis and a shot-down drone with an operational motor.
I was just curious because of all things I think a drone design system
is neccessary. with the RBB you can at least customize the vehicles and
"design"some of the larger ones to whatever you need, but there is very little
you can
do with drones.

J Roberson


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