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Message no. 1
Subject: Rules
Date: Thu, 11 Feb 93 06:30:35 CET
Sounds good to me, Fearless Leader. I really like the idea of
relative engine sizes-letting you get exactly the amount of power you want.
I also agree with you that relational chassis sizes are too cumbersome to
be practical, munchkinism aside. A hearty hear-hear from me.
J Ropbers

(I hate typing in the mailroom)
J Roberson
Message no. 2
From: "Chad S. Mawson" <csm2747@************.EDU>
Subject: Rules
Date: Fri, 12 Mar 93 01:09:14 CST
> I have only one problem, and is that I think havign max speed
> being 3x cruising is too high. Lets drop that down to 2x perhaps.

I also believe that 2x is a better figure.

> I think this will work because economy does not come in to play
> very much inless your characters are going to go cross country or
> fly an great distance.

Again, I concur. After a lot of GM'ing I've only used economy two or three

> Each vehicle class would probably have a different table, but I
> think in the end it will prove much faster and easier and less
> prone to being incorrect mathematically.

Aha! This makes much sense to me...I remember the old Car Wars system where
there was a table for acceleration. I like it because it is a quick way to
reference something used a lot.

There should (in my opinion) be a table for the following types:

High Performance Bikes (Those listed as having racing potential)
High Perf. Cars
Greater than four wheels vehicles (Semi's)
Jet powered Aircraft
High Perf. Boats

Obviously some vehicles don't really fit, especially Security vehicles. Those
are so specialized they should probably have their own chart/equation.
(Forgive me if I left out any important classes of vehic.)

There's my input, and no, I won't be offended if someone flames the hell out
of it. I just really want to be a contributing member of the team, and from
what my players have said...Yes a new vehicle system is DEFINATELY needed.
...No more of this FASA "Well, it's not a vehicle game"

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