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From: "Michael A. Kauffman" <mak9@******.EDU>
Subject: seats
Date: Mon, 10 May 1993 17:50:24 EDT
Well here it goes,

Buckets seats
Bucket seats are more comfortable than bench seats. A stasard bucket seat
will hold a person with a body of 4 with complete comfort. As we all know
many especially the small sports cars provide smaller seats. And with the
awakening larger seats are not only desired but required. Seats are rated on
an interger scale starting with 2. (there are rating one seats but they are
very rare) The rating is the rating is the number of body points the seat
will hold comfortablely. A character can "fit" into a seat of half the rating
of his body(round up) but will not be comfortable at all. GM's should frown
upon characters who continuously cram themself into seat that are too small.
If the a character tries to squeeze into a seat of less than half his body he
will suffer a penalty to ALL target numbers equal to the difference between
half his body and the seats rating.

If a troll of body 9 tries to drive in a standard bucket seat (rating 4). For
comfort the troll needs a rating 9 seat. But with Lone Srar on his tail, he's
not thinking about comfort. He's thinking about getting out of here quickly.
In his high speed get away the troll has a difficult time controlling the
vehicle. His elbows bump into his knees and the door. His knees hit the
steering wheel. His has to crouch down to see out the wind shield properly.
For all this he incurrs a +1 handling penalty. 5(1/2 body) - 4 (seats rating)
If he, instead, let's the autopilot drive and shoots at Lone Star add +1 to his
target number.

armor and ejection descriptions are as Carter's

Space = 20 PSU per rating Mass: 1 +1 per rating +2 per armor point
ejection space = +30 PSU/+30 ESU Mass: + 30 kg

{please note that I believe some of the space allocated to an ejection seat
should come from ESU. I.e. stablizing the frame etc. Make any sense?}

Bench seats
bench seats are rated the same as bucket seats but take up less space
overall. A standard bench seat (rating 6) holds 6 comfortably (That is for a
bench seat.) You can get both smaller and larger bench seats. If the total
number of body points in a seat is greater than its rating the people will be
uncomfortable. If half the total body (round up) is greater the rating of the
seat penalties apply. half total body(round up) - seat rating.
Bench seating is popular in compact vehicles or where space is at a
premium. Many cars like hatchbacks and stationwagons have folding bench seats
that give more cargo space (20 per rating point) when put in the down
position. This cargo space can not be used for options.

for armor see Carter's description.

Space = 15 PSU per rating Mass : 2* rating + 4 per armor point.

Crash cage
[no change to text]
Space +40 ESU Mass : +20 kg (compared to equivalent bucket seats)

I know this is a little more complicated than Carter suggestion. But I think
it is more realistic. Is it too complicated?

I don't think my suggestion affects any accessory no mentioned here. Let me
Know if I'm wrong.

Mike Kauffman
AKA Amonchare


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