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Message no. 1
From: ArkAngel <DUNN@******.BITNET>
Subject: Stuff...
Date: Thu, 18 Mar 93 12:03:00 EST
Alright, regarding recent developments/accomplishments/decisions in our
plan, I'd suggest that perhaps we could come up with (dare I say it? Yes, I
dare) another formula for determining whether Max-speed is 2, 2.5, or 3. Well,
maybe not a formula, so much as a basic decision based on engine size
proportionate to vehicle size... This is pretty loose, and doesn't allow for
maximum detail, but should give a rough idea that could easily be expanded upon
to include engines within certain size ranges
C Mini Small Medium Large Extra-Large
H Compact 2 2 2.5 3 3
A Small X 2 2 2.5 3
S Standard X X 2 2 2.5
S Large X X X 2 2
I Luxury X X X X 2

XÊr either won't go, or won't exceed cruising speed.
perhaps, here the best bet would be, taht you simply can't put an engine
smaller than a certain size and still get a car that really moves...

The only remaining question here is how to define Engine sizes, and I'm
not sure if this has been done or not... Nightstalker? You got a record of

The second topic of the day is acceleration. I really don't think we
need to worry about it... Those who feel otherwise can flame me to hell and
back again, but considering SR rules, we either can just use the linear equatin
that somebody took from StarWars recently (sorry, I'm hideous with names) or we
can just not worry about it...

First law of RPG adventure writing:"In any given scenario, there are 4
possible player actions, the three reasonable ones the GM expects, and the one
the players ultimately divise and use."
Message no. 2
From: Jeremy Roberson <ROBERSON@***.EDU>
Subject: Stuff
Date: Thu, 22 Apr 1993 19:19:18 -0700
I'm addressing several points here:

Watts as Power units: Do we need to provide a reality check for our system?
I'm afraid that doing so would mean reality-checking each formula and engine
configuration, and if this system is supposed to be as flexible as we say it is,
that would mean a lot of equations to go through.
Look at it this way: We're already using "Vehicle Units" whether they're
ESU, BVU, or BVDs. Why start rating things in real terms now?

Multifuel: I can't believe it says that Multifuel is more efficient in RBB,
either explicitly or implicitly. But if it does, fine. I still contend that
an engine designed to burn a variety of fuels is going to be less efficient
than an engine calibrated to burn a specific fuel well.

Turbocharging: I believe it's easy to get mixed up on numbers and units. I
was unaware that we'd made definite figures on the Engine Power section; we
cannot proceed without solid numbers that we will continue to use and tweak
as little as possible. I was under the impression that the numbers there now
were just examples and were etched in mud.
If those are the actual figures we'll be using, fine; I'll print
a copy for future reference. However, if they aren't, we need to nail them
down before proceeding with anything that modifies the engine power. If
both are "in flux" then there is nothing stable to stand on; there's no
way to decide what modifications are appropriate and balancing until we have
a solid base from which to start.

That's all for now
J Roberson
Message no. 3
From: Jeremy Roberson <ROBERSON@***.EDU>
Subject: Stuff
Date: Tue, 4 May 1993 22:17:50 -0700
I really hate to just agree with people and say,"yeah, what he said", but I
have carfully read Carter's last post and agree with all of it, even the
autopilot (I think I was creeping up on his explanation toward the end of my
last post on the subject). Body sounds good, but it means that the base bosy
of heavy vehicles like Panzers will be very high, if you can only increase it
by 3. But then, that's the way it should be, neh?

J Roberson

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