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Message no. 1
From: Amonchare <mak9@******.EDU>
Subject: RE: Complex equations
Date: Thu, 25 Feb 93 21:28:31 EST
First of all I would like to thank Quiktek and ArkAngel for their
compliments. Its nice to ones work is appreciated but I can not take full
credit for these equations (velocity and economy). They are simply variations
of equations presented by others. The only thing I did was show how they
could be derived from actual physics equations and units.

Now to address our leaders concerns

Hayden writes:

>Unfortunately, I think we have a very small nebulous problem with
>these proposals. They are too involving for a lot of people.
>This is not to say they aren't realistic, but I know that the
>average player is going to want to spend as little time as
>necessary crunching numbers. And every time we force a player to
>keep track of another number we are moving away from our
>underlying premise of simplicity.

[other concerns deleted but addressed]

I agree the our final eqs. should be very simple and minimize the
calculations involved. The intent of my previous posts was to present the
basis of the proposed eqs. The algebra in these posts were not intended to be
used by users of our eventual system just the final derived eqs.. To these on
the net who are have trouble following my explanations, I apologize. I have
had allot of physics background and find it easy to deal in those terms.
Please evaluate the final eqs. rather than the math that is over your heads (
no offense intended what-so-ever.

So there are only two quantities used in any of our formulas, engine power (P)
and vehicle mass(M). If one knows these values one can determine all other
quantities; max. velocity(MV), cruising velocity(CV) and Economy(E), with
simple eqs. So far this gives five stats to keep track of. I think that the
eqs. still contain the simplicity we are looking for.

To sum up, I believe we (net.people) should start with the more complex eqs.
(and perhaps do alittle more number crunching then we will expect of those
who use the system) and work to simplify them rather than trying to pull a
simple Eq. out of mid-air.

As Hayden says comments are always welcome.

P.S. I've been wondering what units should we be expressing max. velocity(MV)
and cruising velocity(CV) in, m/s, m/(combat turn) or km/h. In game terms, I
believe m/ct would be must appropriate. What do you think?

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