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From: R Andrew Hayden <rahayden@*****.WEEG.UIOWA.EDU>
Subject: POA: Plan of Attack
Date: Fri, 29 Jan 93 23:18:30 CET
Plan Of Attack (POA)


I. How to design
A. What Tables are necessary for each vehicle
B. What vehicle types
1. Cycles
2. Cars
3. Trucks
a. Trailers
4. Fixed-Wing
5. Rotor
6. Marine
7. LTA
8. Air-Cushioned
9. Drone
C. What engine types?
1. Gas
2. Battery
3. Gridlink
4. Turbine
5. Other
D. What Tire Types?
1. Standard
2. Performance
3. Off-Road

II. Write up all necessary tables
III. How to mount accessories
1. Differentiate between space types
2. How to mount a weapon
1. Hardpoints vs. Other methods
IV. Accessories
V. Rule Changes (if necessary)
VI. Other



I: How to design a vehicle

In this part, our purpose is to decide exactly HOW we design a
vehicle. This is important so that we know what we are doing when
we start expanding on things and making table.

At this point, the goal is to decide which components need to be
considered. Is a body and engine enough? Do you have to include
tires? What about chassis or suspension? How can we make it
realistic and keep it simple? All of these things have to be

Ince this part is done, then we go on to the actual design stage
and start making the appropriate tables.

We also have to decide how we want to define vehicles. Is it
easier to lump all ground vehicles together or should they be
considered seperate.

Same with engines. Should all engine types be the same for
purposes of construction, or do we need tables for all types?

This is where we start. Let the madness begin.

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