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From: David Buehrer <dbuehrer@****.ORG>
Subject: Re: 2000 Leagues
Date: Sat, 2 Nov 1996 10:18:33 -0700
Erik_Jameson@*****.COM wrote:
|The range of active sonar will depend on how loud you want
|to "ping" something. That's the primary modifier
|determining range. Use more power, a louder "ping," it'll
|go farther. And the converse is true also.

And it should be noted that the ping can be heard far
outside it's effective range. I.e. sonar with a targeting
range of 2 km might heard as far away as 10 km (or maybe

Also, surface warships know that there is no way that they
can be quiet enough to avoid detection by a submarine, so
they are free to keep their sonar active as much as they
want. Of course if you're a surface ship and you start
pinging the ocean keep in mind that sub commanders might
react aggresively.


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