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Mailing List Logs for ShadowRN

From: "Robert A. Hayden" <hayden@*******.MANKATO.MSUS.EDU>
Subject: ADMIN: Addition to FAQs (Biographies)
Date: Thu, 16 Jun 1994 21:19:54 -0500
Doom and I have added small administrator biographies to the FAQs for the
lists. For those that don't read the FAQ, here is a copy of the addition:


A. Just who are these administrators anyways?

Robert A. Hayden, 23, is a senior at Mankato State University,
located in Mankato, Minnesota (USA). He is majoring in
experiential education with an emphasis on computer administration
and information sciences. He plans to continue on to graduate
school after his graduation, most likely at Mankato State. In
addition, Hayden is a member of the MSU Student Senate Academic
Computing Committee.

Netwise, Hayden is active not only in the Shadowrun forums, but
can also be found in forums devoted to electronic and personal
rights. A member of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, Computer
Professionals for Social Responsiblity, and the American Civil
Liberties Union, he has taken a rather strong stance on the need
for data privacy and rights in cyberspace. In addition, he is a
vocal participant in various gay/lesbian/bisexual rights groups
and spends much of his off-net time pursuing civil rights for
minority sexual orientations.

Hayden began his game-writing career when 16. He had published a
set of rules that added fixed-wing aircraft to the Steve Jackson
battle simulation Car Wars. Following graduation from high
school, he then edited the _The Tome of Mighty Magic_, a
book of (very) high level spells for TSR's AD&D. Hayden has also
been published in the _Neo-Anarchists Guide to Everything Else_
(#4 and #5). In addition, Hayden is the writer of the infamous
'Geek Code' that can be found on many corners of the net.

Currently, Hayden is the editor of the epic ShadowTalk story and
the _Net Enhancements for Role-Playing Shadowrun_ books, as well a
administrating the four Shadowrun-related mailing lists.

In addition, Hayden is employed by the City of Mankato as a system
administrator studying the feasibility of hooking the city up to
the internet.

If he could he an animal, Hayden would be a dolphin.


Hello, I'm Peter Graves . . . on this episode of "Biography",
we're going to be looking into one of the more enigmatic members
of the ShadowRun mailing list. He came out of nowhere and
eventually ascended to a position of power in the administration
of the list in spite of the fact that very little is known about
him. Tonight, we shall attempt to pierce that shourd of secrecy
surrounding the one known as Doctor Doom . . .


Doctor Doom, 21, is a senior at Texas A & M University, located in
College Station, Texas (USA). The particular nomenclature derived
from ascribed behavioral similarites to a Marvel Comics character.
His major field of study is History, with a particular emphasis
placed upon European, and more specifically, German studies -- a
situation which is complemented by his minor in German.

Interests: Recreational reading and writing, including poetry and
prose, which includes but is not restricted to participation on
ShadowTalk and the generation of game system rules expansions and
background history.

Politically he is extremely conservative, although he derives
particular pleasure from discussion of politics and how one's
philosophy applies to government. As of this summer, he has
acquired a time slot on his local collegiate radio station, which
shall be devoted to a mixture of current events and political

Doom has been an intermittent member of the two local Science
Fiction & Fantasy associations, MSC: Nova and Cepheid Variable.
His role-playing experience began about a decade ago; since that
time, he has gradually migrated from game system to game system
until his discovery of FASA Corporation in 1986. First with
BattleTech and the subsequent Mechwarrior, later giving way to
ShadowRun, Doom has conversed semi-regularly and at length with
the various Powers That Be at the FASA offices, including
dialogues with Tom Dowd, the Dark Lord on High, and Sam Lewis,
current President of FASA.

Presently, he serves as assistant administrator, or Dread
Executor, of the four ShadowRun mailing lists.

{Excerpted from a Barbara Walters Interview}

"So, Mista Doom, pwease teww us, were you an animuw, what sowt of
animaw, would you be?"

"Well, Barbara, despite the utterly pedestrian intellectual quality
of that inquiry -- such that it causes me to generate the distinct
impression that you are seeking the reaction of an individual
placed in a circumstances so ridiculous that they could only be
likened to embarking on an outing where one shall window-shop for
the selection of a body which one should recieve in the event of
reincarnation -- I shall ne'ertheless strive to provide an answer,
albeit a predictable response: an Imperial Eagle."

"Oh, I see. Well, denn, what sowt of twee would you be, then?"

____ Robert A. Hayden <=> hayden@*******
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\/ / Finger for Geek Code Info <=> I do not necessarily speak for the
\/ Finger for PGP Public Key <=> City of Mankato or Blue Earth County
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