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From: "Robert A. Hayden" <hayden@******.MANKATO.MSUS.EDU>
Subject: ADMIN: Possible shutting down of Vorlon
Date: Thu, 4 Aug 1994 16:03:53 +0100
I have just received notification that in two weeks I must remove this
computer (vorlon) from the ethernet. If this happens, for reasons which
are obvious, the mailing lists that are run from this machine will be shut
down as will the FTP archive and other resources.

I will be having a meeting with the persons of power who are responsible
for this situation, and I am fairly confident that I may be able to get
permission to keep the machine up. Failing that, I will have to either
go over their head or contemplate legal action.

But, if they become anal, the machine may very well disappear.

I just wanted to give all of you adaquate warning of this possibility. I
apologize for any inconvience.

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