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Message no. 1
From: "Mark Steedman" <M.J.Steedman@***>
Subject: Edge Runners Character
Date: Tue, 16 Jan 1996 16:57:56 GMT
Just one note please before this file starts, this should not affect
NERPS regulars but if anyone that actually knows me away from the
internet finds this who is involved with my SR campain or might be at
some stage please do not read. This character as presented here is
set best for this list and is not totally identical to versions folks
my have seen me use, you could therefore confuse yourselves.

OK submission follows

Mark Steedman <M.K.Steedman@***>

Name: unknown
Aliases: Wild Lore
Sex: Male
Metaspecies/Race: Caucasoid Homo Sapiens Sapiens
Residence: Seattle, UCAS
Height: 1.8 m
Weight: 70 kg
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Dark Brown
Distinguishing Features: Nothing noteable
Birthdate: Early 2033
Birthplace: Seattle, UCAS
Psychological Profile: A reasonable guy, professional runner.
Known Allergies: None
Lifestyle: Middle

Wild lore appeared on the Seattle running scene in June 2052.
He was teamed up with three other runners none of them noted at
the time. The first significant run the group are attributed with
carrying out was a visit to the city of Pheonix in October which
was notable for a large explosion on corporate premesis. The
exact cause is not known but witnesses reported the group active
in the area moments later. Shortly thereafter Rose coproration, the
site of the blast suffered an internal takeover.
The group next appeared working for Aztechnology in Seattle raiding
a Biogene facility. There are plenty of press reports on the coporate
activity that resulted but not on the runners.
Work seems to have been quiet for a while after that, possibly
due to a couple of complications, the first maybe a corporate strike
against the team for several were seen near Docwagon high threat
resonse teams one day. They also gained a 5th member of the team
arround this time. Then three team members showed up in a magical
battle aboard a semibalistic flight from Seattle to Pheonixin May 2053
but promptly vanised on arrival without getting arrested.
The team next hit the runner news a year later with a raid on a
paddle steamer and JV research corporate complex in quick succession
in New Orleans. Only notable for JV being the new name of the ex Rose
corporation and the battle on the steamer which were rather quietly
Then on the 27th June the top floor of the JV tower in Pheonix
exploded days after the team left Seattle again. A body was noted to
fall from the tower but it is suspected things did not go well as the
corporation seemed unaffected and the team vanished though the
bounties the coproration were offering were niether collected or

Skills: Mr Lore is noted for his talents as a mage. Exactly what what
he is capable of is generally unknown but extensive experience of
magic known to the runner community is assumed. He certainly has at
least one very powerful combat stun spell in his capabilities, which
seems to be a favourite though more drastic means are noted as
available. Unlike some magicians he can handle both guns and
computers when the need arrises though he prefers magic. He also has
a grounding in a number of other abilities of use to an active

>>>>>[The obvious question is just what has gotten between this
gentleman, his friends and JV, no one seems to know but the sides seem
to trade damage runs and bounties from time to time though it stays
Investigator-Y (14:46:53/8-6-54)

>>>>>[Does anyone know what happened in Phoenix in June?, the 'body'
was jumped on so fast by site security no one outside got an ID.]<<<<<
The hammer (33:14:29/10-8-54)

>>>>>[Any truth to the runor of a link with
Investigator-Y (17:25:46/10-20-54)

>>>>>[Purely professional work as far as we know, they pay
Pyramid Two (01:17:54/10-21-54)

Wild Lore
Body : 2 (6)
Quickness : 4
Strength : 2
Charisma : 4
Intelligence: 4
Willpower : 6
Reaction : 4 (8A)
Essence : 6
Magic : 9 (11) [initiate grade 3]
Initiative : 4+4D6 (26+D6)
Threat/Prof.: 6/4 [Karma pool : 14]
[Combat pool 7, Magic pool 8, Astral combat pool 7,
Astral pool 3, 'Spell defense' pool 3]

Armour rating: secure ultra vest 4/3 + formfit 3 4(2)/1(0) +
real leathers 0/2(1) + forearm guards 0/+1 by NAGRL gives
balistic/impact(hand-hand) : 6/4(5).

Sorcery : 6
Magical Theory : 4
Conjouring : 3
Negotiation : 3
Stealth : 3
Computer : 3
Ettiquette (street): 2
Firearms : 3
Biology : 2
Parazoology : 4
Car : 2
English : 5
French : 3
Latin (centering) : 4


[force format is base + fetishes bonus + exclusivity bonus,
latter two ignored if not applicabe eg 2+2+2 is ependable exclusive]
Sleep : 4
manbolt : 4
powerbolt : 4
heal : 3
improved invisibility : 3
armour : 2
flamethrower : 4
mandart : 4
powerdart : 4
increase reflexes +3D6 : 1
Treat : 1
manabolt : 2+2+2
fireball : 2+2+2
flamebomb : 2+2+2
increase body +4 : 1
Mask : 1+2 (exclusive)
levitate person : 1+2 (expendable fetish)
ice arrow : 1+1+2
stun cannon : 6
makeover : 1
levitate item : 1
mind probe : 2+2+2
powerball : 2+2+2

middle lifestyle (6 months)
Personal Computer, tabletop, 300MP with printer
Flip screen wrist Phone
Docwagon Contract Platimum (20 months)
3 spells locks
power focus (2)
Fine Suit
Music system with chips and disks. quad speakers
Micro transciver
HK227 with laser sight and improved gas vent IV
9 clips + 20 bullets regular, 1 flechet, 1 APDS.
Ranger arms SM3 usual options
118 rounds regular
Colt manhunter, with conealable holster
9 clips nd 140 bullets regular.
Knife with concealable sheath
Enfield AS7 shotgun, ammo clip, improved gas vent IV,
laser sight, shock pads.
3 clips and 4 bullets regular, 1 clip flechet.
Bug scanner rating 5
secure ultra vest
armour cloathing
real leaters
vest with plates
forearm guards
lined coat
formfit level 3
Ford Americar with 2 levels improved suspension
Spell forulae
levitate item : force : 1 (see SR2)
Makeover : force : 1 (see GR2)
Stun cannon : force : 6 (research, stats follow)
Combat spell, type mana, Damage D (stun) one target, range LOS,
target willpower(R), duration instant, drain ((F/2)-1)D.
Ice arrow : force : 4 (rsearch stats follow)
Damaging manipulation, elemental effect of ice, type physical,
damage L one target, range LOS, target 4, duration instant,
drain ((F/2)+1)M
Magical libraries
Magical theory 4 hardcopy
Conjouring 7 hardcopy
Sorcery 6 computer media disk
Cash : 301,731 newyen

Talismonger, street mage, Mr Johnson, Steet Samuari,
bartender, city official, media producer, steet cop.

Typical cloathing: plain black leather jacket and black trousers
Detect enemies spell lock : 4's: 36m , 6's: 12m 11's: 6m
attribute +4 body spell lock : force 1 spell
increase reflexes +3D6 spell lock : force 1 spell
This gentleman has seen a lot. He knows all about the Brotherhood and
thier secrets though despite a serious attempt to disrupt thier cover
most folks would not know this as no one knows who did the operation.
He is a member of a magical group,
Accepts Mages, Shamen and Physical adepts, strictures: Exclusive
membership, Exclusive ritual, Obedience, Material Lnik, Oath
He is the head and generally only uses the obedience for secretcy
as its a lot less trouble than the stricture of that name to him.
Structure below that is inner circle, those initated in the group,
outer circle other members.
Presently two other members in outer cirle.
Arnol Blon (use talismonger p212 SR2)
Randolph Russell (use street mage fighter p61 SR2)
Karma notes
Total good karma 159
Karma Pool : 14
Initiation ordeals
0 thesis, 1 oath, 2 quest, 3 meditation

Human Mage no connections to the astral plane
to GM :
Normal operation is three spell locks active and masked, only
using the power focus when astral percept is up.

Black Market Rating: 2
Information Rating: 5

Message no. 2
From: schu1545@**** (Bryan Linn Schuler)
Subject: Re: Edge Runners Character
Date: Thu, 18 Jan 1996 11:14:35 -0500
Testing... Did the listserve go down? My last message never turned up...
Message no. 3
From: "Gurth" <gurth@******.nl>
Subject: Edge Runners character
Date: Mon, 22 Jan 1996 10:28:34 +0100
Gurth <gurth@******.nl>

Name: Charles Landau
Aliases: none
Sex: male
Metaspecies/Race: Caucasoid Homo Sapiens Robustus
Residence: Redmond, Seattle, UCAS
Height: 2.10 m (estimated)
Weight: 140 kg (estimated)
Eyes: unknown
Hair: none
Distinguishing Features: most meat replaced by metal
Birthdate: October 15, 2032
Birthplace: Seattle, UCAS
Psychological Profile: very confused, very violent
Known Allergies: none
Lifestyle: Street

>>>>>[Charlie is, or maybe was, an ork. A small-time street samurai, he
was born and raised in the Seattle 'Plex, and did what he could to get out
of the miserable Redmond Barrens he lived in as a kid. He tried to do
this by hanging out with a local gang, eventually getting some cyberware
to make life a little easier. From there on, he more or less rolled into
the shadowrunning business, and got more chromed all the time. When he was
22 years old, he fragged up a run against Fuchi real bad, leaving most of
the team dead. One managed to get out, heavily wounded, with Charlie the
only other survivor but inable to get away from the compound because both
his legs had been blown up.

Some Fuchi cybertechnologists decided to save his life in order to try out
some of their latest techniques, turning Charlie into a cybermancy test
subject, whether he liked it or not. He wasn't in a position to complain

When he woke up several months later, they had replaced most of his body
with top-of-the-notch cyber- and bioware, making him faster, stronger, and
more agile than he'd ever been in his life. Unfortunately, they proved
inable to keep him under control (or maybe that was intentional...),
allowing him to flee out of the building and into the surrounding
countryside, somewhere in the NAN. Over time, he managed to make his way
back to Seattle, leaving more or less a trail of dead and maimed behind
him--Charlie quickly found out that if you got in his way, he had the
means to put you out of his way again. In Seattle, he dug up some weapons
he had stashed away to "protect" himself. He doesn't really know what he
wants to do, and lives in a sewer under Redmond at the moment. He wanders
the Seattle streets aimlessly at night.

Maybe the fact that he's been roaming Seattle for more than a month now is
either a testimony to Fuchi's inability to stop him, or to the fact that
they want to see how he reacts to the world around him.]<<<<<
--Foetsie (05:15:32/1-2-54)

>>>>>[Aaarrggghhh!!! Who let this thing loose in our
--Deraks (10:28:42/1-4-56)

>>>>>[Hah! I'll have him for breakfast!]<<<<<
--Ed (02:09:54/1-10-54)

Charlie Landau
Attributes Skills
Body: 8 (20)* Armed Combat: 6
Quickness: 6 (11) Biotech (First Aid): 4
Strength: 8 (13) Car: 2
Charisma: 2 City Speak: 7
Intelligence: 5 (7) Cybertechnology: 2
Willpower: 6 Electronics: 2
Body Index: 2.8 Etiquette (Street): 3
Essence: -3.025 Firearms: 7
Reaction: 5 (15) Gunnery: 6
Initiative: 15+4D6 Sociology: 1
Unarmed Combat: 6
* 8 points Hardened English: 3

(note: some of the cyberware is from Cyberpunk 2020's Chromebooks,
adapted to Shadowrun.)

Cyberware Bioware
Automatic-Medication Cerebral Booster (2)
System Extended Volume (3)
Cranial Area Bomb (8D) Pain Editor
Cyberarm Gyromounts Toxin Extractor (5, cultured)
(left + right, delta)
Body Enhancement (+3)
Flame Thrower (left arm)
Quick Change Mounts for all fingers
Quickness Enhancement (+5, delta)
Retractable Spur (right)
Strength Enhancement (+5, delta)
Cyberfacial Remount: Twoface (delta)
Datajack (4, delta)
Hearing Amplification (delta)
Softlink (4, delta),
Spatial Recognizer (delta)
Cyberlegs (left + right, delta)
Body Enhancement (+2)
Quickness Enhancement (+5, delta)
Strength Enhancement (+5, delta)
Cyberskull (delta)
Cybertorso (delta)
Hard Armor (8 points)
Dermal Sheath (2, delta)
Headware Telephone (delta)
Crypto Circuit HD (8, delta)
Invoked Memory Stimulator (delta)
Orientation System (delta)
Skillwires+ (6, delta)
Smartlink II (delta)
Verbal Eyes "Windows of the Soul," Customized (delta)
Flare Compensation (delta)
Image Link (delta)
Low-Light (delta)
Protective Covers (delta)
Retinal Clock (delta)
Thermographic (delta)
Wired Reflexes (3, delta)

Barret 121
Savalette Guardian (gas vent 2, smartlink II)

Notes: Think Robocop. Charlie has four very obvious cyber-limbs (see the
picture on page 31 of Cybertechnology), a cybertorso and -skull (both
under his skin, granted), a cyberfacial remount (kind of a built-in
helmet), plus dermal sheathing that covers nearly all remaining flesh. He
can walk around totally naked and nobody would arrest him for indecent
expo-sure (not that they would survive their attempts, anyway...).

Black Market Rating: 0
Information Rating: 0

Gurth@******.nl -
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Message no. 4
From: GKoth2258@***.com
Subject: Re: Edge Runners character
Date: Tue, 23 Jan 1996 14:02:13 -0500
Can we get a collective "OUCH!!"? Egads!!

Clearly a toy for wicked GMs...

Message no. 5
From: Chuck McKenzie <kilroy@**>
Subject: Re: Edge Runners character
Date: Tue, 23 Jan 1996 16:40:59 -0600 (CST)
On Tue, 23 Jan 1996 GKoth2258@***.com wrote:

> Can we get a collective "OUCH!!"? Egads!!


Chuck McKenzie kilroy@***
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Message no. 6
From: "Gurth" <gurth@******.nl>
Subject: Re: Edge Runners character
Date: Wed, 24 Jan 1996 16:50:19 +0100
GKoth2258@***.com said on 23 Jan 96...

> Can we get a collective "OUCH!!"? Egads!!
> Clearly a toy for wicked GMs...

Does that mean you like him? :)

Just keep in mind he's seriously fragged in the head...

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Message no. 7
From: XanArlest@***.com
Subject: Re: Edge Runners character
Date: Wed, 24 Jan 1996 23:24:08 -0500
In a message dated 96-01-24 18:38:22 EST, you write:

>Does that mean you like him? :)
>Just keep in mind he's seriously fragged in the head...

...Oh... you mean that there are 'runners running around that AREN'T fragged
in the head? :-)


Message no. 8
From: schu1545@**** (Bryan Linn Schuler)
Subject: Edge Runners Character
Date: Mon, 26 Feb 1996 09:38:47 -0500
Did my character get through? I havn't seen it bounce back to me.

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