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From: Erik Jameson <WildSmashr@***.COM>
Subject: Re: Stats (was Re: ...
Date: Fri, 28 Aug 1998 16:55:00 EDT
Cripes, I'm getting sick and tired of people bitching about SR3...I just can't
escape it, it's here, it's on the FASA AOL board...and it's not like it's a
tidal wave of unhappiness, it's just a few really pissed off people...if it
was a groundswell of unhappiness, I could see it. But it's really just a few
people that simply must vent and vent loudly and shrilly.

>Since I've got a compilation of SR and SR2 rules already a new set >isn't an
improvement. Just more work.

The rules are an improvment. Flat out. Ask either Adam or myself, we both
were playtesters. If you don't want SR3, then don't frickin' buy it. And
don't complain about the lack of a hardback for a rules revision you won't
even be using.

>throw out all of the old stuff in favor of the new. Anything to radical >and
the whole style of the game goes south. When SR2 came out >my group was
screwed for a couple of sessions trying to get used >to the SR2 rules, so we
instead adapted and combined until we got >settled. Probably makes me the only
person not looking forward to >seeing these new rules.

Think what it was like for the playtesters to adapt; we didn't have the full
rules, we were under time pressure, and we were responsible for trying to find
and fix all the bugs. We didn't catch them all, but the finished product is
much superior in many ways to what was playtested.

People fear change, even when that change is for the better for all concerned.
Unlike what some other game companies have done, this new edition is not
merely a cosmetic improvement of the game. Little glitches that have been
nagging, but accepted, since SR1 are fixed. Other bits are reworked and
improved but still compatible with previous editions. The game of Shadowrun
is much improved.

>I also went to their site. They were selling the softcover for $30 US, >same
price as the "Out of Stock" hardcover. My local store was >selling them for
$25 US. Since when is buying direct more expense >then going through a middle

FASA has said all along that they will be charging $25 for the first printing
and $30 for the second printing. Considering the game store I frequent has
run out of SR3 *twice* now in the space of a little over a week, I would not
at all be suprised they are in the second printing.

In addition, with my discussions with FASA, they are moving to a web-based
sales model, but it is *intended* to be fairly limited; they don't want to
piss off their primary source of distribution for years to come, their
*Distributors.* By charging a higher price, they protect their lifeblood.

If you think you are their lifeblood, think again. Without a viable means of
shipping, you don't mean diddly. Only by making major sales (and I mean major
sales) over the Internet does shipping via FedEx or UPS become economically
viable for all parties.

>Just seems to me that they know softcovers are planned >obselesence, and
they're just trying go make more money cause >we'll have to replace them.
They whole thing just strikes me as BS, >and I hate BS.

Planned obsolesence? Give me a bloody break and stop cryin'.

If you don't wish to play SR3, then please, by all means, keep to your hybrid
SR1/2. But you are going to have to accept the fact that it is SR3 from here
on out and the vast majority of the SR player's world will be SR3, not First
Edition (unless your name is Spike), not Second Edition. Third.

And before you go bitchin' about it any more, I strongly suggest you take a
look at the thing and see for yourself what is different. Complaining about
changes you don't even know about is pointless and shrill.

Now, why don't we get back to a more appropriate discussion of what our next
project is.

Erik J.

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