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From: "Robert A. Hayden" <hayden@*******.MANKATO.MSUS.EDU>
Subject: Voting Guidelines (REPOST) -- Save This
Date: Thu, 21 Oct 1993 00:42:14 -0500

Do not delete this file as this contains instructions on how voting will
be carried out. You are responsible for following the guidelines and
formats described in this file, failure could result in your vote not
being counted.


Each submission will be reposted to TOME by me
Each person on TOME is expected to then vote on that submission
There will be three ways to vote
Yes -- The submission is fine as is
Fix -- The submission needs to be changed
in some manner. You are then expected to
outline your concerns.
No -- The submission is evil, munchkinish, and
should be sent to the bit-bucket.

If >40% of the people vote yes, the submission will be accepted
as is.
If the vote fails, but >40% vote 'fix', the resons for fixing will
be posted and the author is expected to fix it and resubmit.
Fix votes take precedence over yes votes. (ie, if both are >40%)
If over 60% vote no, the submission will be scrapped.

If a submission needs to be fixed and resubmitted, it will go to
the bottom of the queue and be posted after all of the first-run
postings. Each submission will be limited to two resubmissions (ie,
on the third vote, the choices will be either yes or no).

Voting on each item will run for about one week.



Each reposting will have an ID#. For example, if I was posting the
'buzz' spell, the subject line might look like this:

X-003-x: Spell, Buzz

X = a group identifier letter (tech, magic, races, etc)
### = the number of the submission in that group
x = a letter representing the number of times posted

Now, to submit a vote, use the following guidelines:

Send it to hayden@*******
The subject line should be the code number of the item, nothing else
The first line of text should be your vote, either 'YES' 'NO' or 'FIX'.
Case is NOT a factor.
Anything after the vote should be comments if you have voted FIX. No
comments should be made unless you vote FIX.

Yes, this means that each vote is a seperate emailing.


TO: hayden@*******
SUBJ: B-005-a

This spell is too powerful and should be changed. Make it a deadly drain
instead and it would work


TO: Hayden@*******
SUBJ: C-010-b




TO: aq650@****
SUBJ: RE: B-005-a: Spell, Buzz

I really like this spell.


TO: hayden@*******
SUBJ: Spell, Buzz: b-005-a



Comments are only needed on FIX votes
Make sure your subject lines are correct. ID#'s _are_ case sensitive.
Replying to the posting WILL NOT WORK!
Make sure to send to the right address.


Please read over the above procedures and make sure you understand them.
If you have any questions, feel free to ask so I can avoind any confusion
when voting time comes around.


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