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Mailing List Logs for ShadowRN

From: "Robert A. Hayden" <hayden@*******.MANKATO.MSUS.EDU>
Subject: Where we're at
Date: Tue, 26 Oct 1993 01:19:51 -0500
As of rigth this moment in this early AM hour, we have 23 more items to
vote on for the first round of ballots.

At this point I have no clue what the current tallies look like. All
votes are placed automagically into a counter folder before they ever
reach my inbasket (which is sorted, FYI, by the subject lines, explaining
why they are so important).

In an attempt to wrap up the first round of voting, here's the gameplan.

I'll be posting the remaining 23 items in the next two days or so, for
sure by the end of wednesday afternoon. Yes, this will be a lot of mail
and voting to take care of.

Voting on all of the first round of submissions will end at midnight CST on
SATURDAY, October 30. I will then tally up all 54 votes and post the

Any item rejected by over 60% voting NO will be scrapped. If you are the
author and feel the item still has merit. Wait uptil we are ready for
the next round of submission on the next relevant projecct.

If 40% or more vote FIX, the FIX replies will be posted and the author is
EXPECTED to make those corrections. The author will have about a week or
so, so be watching.

If 40% or more vote YES, the item is accepted. I will also post the FIX
replies and the author is given the chance to apply the FIX suggestions
as a minor update, but it will not have to be revoted on. (for example,
if 8 people vote yes one something, but one say FIX, saying that there
should be more background, the author can add the background and it
doesn't have to be revoted on).

FIX votes take priority over YES votes (ie, if both are 40% or more).

It is my goal to be done with all of the voting and stuff by the 3rd week
of November. It will then be finals time here until the week after
Thanksgiving (last week of November for you non-U.S.ers) and I'll need to
take a break. I hope to use the monthlong holiday break to put
everything together. I may even have it out by the time Christmas rolls

Once voting is completed. TOME will be shut down.

I'm going to ask HEARN to delete TOME and create NERPS to facilitate all
of our future projects.

Once NERPS is created, I'll post and announcement to SHADOWRN and various
usenet newgroups and other gaming related mailing lists regarding the
guidelines for the next project. I am hoping to work up some kind of
system of automatically archiving postings in folders related to the
author of the submission. I'll have to look at software options. Stay
tuned on that.

The subject(s) for the next project will be threefold actually.
1) Plotlines
2) Locations/Sprawls
3) Characters

These are essentially short ideas of plots that GMs can use for
their games. May range in size from a short paragraph to maybe
a page or two. These ARE NOT modules and don't have stats in them.
Essentially, they are nothing more than story ideas. It's up to
the GM to fill in the statistical details. For example:

As one of the PCs is waling down the street, he sees the daily news
paper. THe headline reads 'Cult Killer Escapes!'. The picture
of the killer looks remarkably like the PC. The job of the PCs
is to locate the real escaped killer while at the same time avoiding
capture or death by trigger happy and publically pressured
Lone Star officers.

See, just enough to give the GM a kick in the butt. It's up to him
to take it from there; determine how the killer is found and how
close the cops are on the tail of the PCs.

Once again, these are generic places to have adventures in, but more
than just 'Generic Bar #1'. An example might read:

Bob's Tavern,
A seedy place located in a back alleyway. There is a troll bouncer
guarding the door. Bob's is known for its 'Cockroach and Vodka'.
Yes, there is a pickled cockroach in the drink. Weapons are not
only allowed, they are encouraged. There is a bulky orc sitting
at the bar eating the cue ball he took from the pool table.

Esentially, it is just your generic sprawl, but with enough
details to make it fun for the GM to use. Must be generic enough
for nearly any city, if possible, or any bastardization of the SR

Like the locations, these are more than just 'Troll Bouncer'.
Instead, they are just some character descriptions (sort of like
the cast of characters for ShadowTalk). They have real names and
physical descriptions, but should avoid stats if possible. For

Large minotaur wearing a T-shirt reading 'Anarchy or Death'. Has
a large scar running down his left forearm and is wearing all
leather, with the jacket ripped off at the shoulders . He appears
rather grumpy and has bad breath.

See, just enough to give some colour to generic minotaur
encounter #1, but still enough leeway that the GM can fill in the
stats and stuff.


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