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Message no. 1
From: David Buehrer <dbuehrer@****.ORG>
Subject: Re: 2000 Leagues V1.2K
Date: Mon, 4 Nov 1996 17:02:02 -0700
david christopher stephens wrote:
|< > in reference to your question about raising the base
|> > damage of underwater explosions - the base damage would not
|> > increase, but the area of effect would go way up.
|> > Unfortunately I don't know what the math is for this.
|> I have seen double used, probably not all that accurate the source
|> was not technical but written by someone that knows more than me.
|> Anyway it would be easy to implement, change grenades to -1/m and
|> -1/ per 2m anything else would make the maths complex.
|hrmmmm....the damage is impact so ballistic armor is no good (yes my char
|does have an armored wetsuit 2/1 if your interested) but the effect on
|cyber ears should ne horrendous even with select sound filters.the
|electronics of a cyberear are verry sensitive and dont like sudden and
|catastrophic pressure changes (like busting yor ear drums) this is the
|formula i use it's my own so if you dont like it dont use it
| epicenter out to 10 meters = normal dmg
| 11 m to 20 m -1 staging -1 power level
| and so on and so on it really depends on what
|kind of campagin you run but i find ti works in a pinch also the only ppl
|that take dmg from shrapnel are those within 10 meters and that is reduced
|-1 dmg (if you use the condition monitor) for every meter away
|outside 10m the srapnel has o damaging velocity
|if any of you haver a better way tell me i made tis up on the fly

So if a character is within 5m of a 10S grenade going off,
while underwater, he has to make a DR test vs a 10S impact,
and another DR test vs a 5S balistic? On one hand it makes
sense, but on the other hand it's pretty harsh (I like it :)

For my game I would increase the impact radius of an
underwater explosion by x2 (instead of x10), and halve the
radius for the balistic damage. So a 10S grenade with a
standard reduction of -1/m would become -1/2m impact attack
and a -1/.5m balistic attack. At a range of 5 meters a
target would be on the receiving end of a 8S impact and no
damage from the shrapnel.

Of course, I don't know a lot about underwater explosions.
Would anyone with actual experience or knowledge point out
any changes that should be made?


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