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From: Erik_Jameson@*****.COM
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Date: Mon, 10 Feb 1997 16:32:08 -0800
RE> Re: RE> Re: [Fwd: Internet
To Net Enhancements for Roleplaying Shadowrun<NERPS@********>

On the one hand, I agree with you. This list is for
SR-related materials, not for Internet myths.

However, my recent post was not a myth. If you had
actually _read_ it, you would have found I agreed with you
in stating that the FCC was not currently looking into the
modem tax, or whatever it is currently being called. I
_was_ however stating that several smaller telcos (read:
your local phone company) and municipalities (Arkansas (or
was it Alabama?) have looked at some kind of "Internet Tax,"
as have several other government bodies) are looking into
ways to cash in on the Internet. Some _are_ looking at some
sort of usage fees. Most are looking at raising the
ridiculously low (their opinion) fees that ISPs pay to the
local telcos for use of their lines. These are facts.
Let's say that again. These are facts. These facts were
not found anywhere on the 'Net, but in respected newpapers
such as The New York Times. Check it out yourself.
Message no. 2
From: John McCaffery <jmccaffery@*******.NET>
Subject: Re: RE> Re: RE> Re: [
Date: Mon, 10 Feb 1997 22:05:45 -0500
>>>>>(Will somebody pleeease shut this skag up?!)<<<<<
-Franny (20:36:22/02-06-57)


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