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Message no. 1
From: "Robert A. Hayden" <hayden@*******.MANKATO.MSUS.EDU>
Subject: A-002-a: Atmosphere, Clubs - Part II
Date: Thu, 21 Oct 1993 00:46:03 -0500
Submission: More Clubs
Designer: David Altman
Address: izzyux2@***

Outcasts: Lost Paradise
This is a club for rebel elves (but not for wannabees). Decor: Idealized Elven
High Fantasy. Sculpture, tapestry, the decor makes it look like its an outdoors
High Elven sculpture garden (ceiling looks like a starry sky, etc...). Patrons:
Renegade elves, mostly 'runners. Owner: Sendara Valiereiat, an outcast royal.
Music: Elven fusion rock or ballads.

Klien's Old Chicago
Decor: 1920's speakeasy. Gambling, dancing, drinking, and dining. Airflow look.
Very expensive and luxurious. Music: Jazz. Owner: David Klien - reputed Under-
world boss.

The Mystique
This is an exclusive Euro-club. If its hot in fashion, art, music, or speech
you'll see it here. The decor, music, and patronage change with the current
trend. A place for the terminally chic and rich. Owner: Jaguar Wald

This is a mages club. The club itself is an impossibly interlaced structure of
raw crystal with gold veins, marble spires, and domelike colorful base. Inside
the club is divided into several "outer" clubs and the "main" club.
The outer
clubs cater to specialties within magic - combat mages, shamans, adepts, sages,
and various other magical specialties all have "their own space" decorated
apprpriately. Everybody mixs in the main club. Upon entering you will be asked
your specialty. Answers must be in the special club lingo.
I.e. Warlock = Combat Mage, Sorcerer = Manipulation specialist, Conjurer = illu
sion specialist, Disciple of (Totem) = Shaman of (Totem), etc. .
Based on your response you get a specific pin to wear. The owner: Maximillion
St. Cyr, a manipulation specialist, knows quite a few names in the magical
community. He likes to amaze norms by serving them water than making the water
into an alchoholic spirit.


A blues club owned by "Stranger" Brown - famous blues guitarist and singer.
Decor: New Orleans French quarter, Bourbon Street blues club. Smoky, wth alot
of ornate french baroque metalwork and bar. Guest players do weekly gigs at the
club. A blues fan must. All drinks served straight. Alot of big players come
here to relax or deal - Brown knows them all. Brown is always ready to lend an
ear, give a piece of advice, or an introduction to his favorite customers.

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