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Message no. 1
From: "Robert A. Hayden" <hayden@*******.MANKATO.MSUS.EDU>
Subject: A-003-a: atmosphere, Contact, former-espionage-agent
Date: Thu, 21 Oct 1993 00:46:52 -0500
DESIGN: Biostuds
AUTHOR: J Roberson
DESCRIPTION: I wanted to see what exactly I could do with bioware if allowed to
starting PC. I also included things from SSC. Basically, I wanted to make tech-
oritneted characters with all resources available. They aren't meant for all
campaigns, but are meant as an exxample of what can be done.


"Don't Ask. My story, my past employer, and the means by which I found myself
here can be considered. ..classified. Suffice it to say that I am well-trained
and well-equipped to obtain any data you desire, even that which is not found
in the Matrix. I can also conduct surveillance, tracking, and other activities
which involve the procuring of information. Data is the cash of the New Age,
and I'm your printing press."

The Former Espionage Agent was employed by a very high-level intelligence
organization, either public or private. For reasons best left unknown, she has
left their employ and taken a good amount of equipment with her in order to
use her skills freelance. Highly augmented, capable of operating on her own
and possesing the best equipment money can buy, she is the best person for
obtaining information on anyone, anytime, anywhere.

FURTHER NOTES: After creation, I had about 8000 NuYen left. I do not have
Real Life, and the one thing this character would need out of that would be
at least one fake ID. Feel free to spend the money or shuffle the equipment
around to do so. Also, none of the augmentations have an availability code
of more than 6; in fact, I believe only HK227S has an Availability higher than
6. Just to give you an idea of what's out there. . .

A=Tech(Cool Mill) ATTRIBUTES
B=Skills(30) B:4(.1) W:4 Reaction:3(5)
C=Attributes(20) S:3(4) C:3 Magic:-
D=Human Q:3(4) I:3(6) Essence: .05
E=Magic Combat Pool:6

Firearms/Pistol 4/6 Computer:5 Stealth:6
Athletics:4 (6) Interrogate:4 Negotiate:6

choose 5, preferably from "high levels" such as Johnsons, Yak bosses, and
others who may have encountered the PC to an extent before running the shadows.

Synthacardium Heart-2 (+2 dice Athletics-based test and to resist heart disease)
Cerebral Boost (+2 Intelligence, +2 dice to Knowledge and B/R skills)
Synaptic Accelerator (+2 Initiative dice)
Muscle Augmentation-1 (+1 Strength, +1 Quickness)
Trauma Damper (shifts damage, 1 box per wound: phys->ment; mental->nil)

Smartlink, Datajack-4, Hi-freq, lo-freq hearing, Audio Damper,
Hearing amplification, Flare Comp, Camera Eyes,
Display Link, Voice Modulator,
Tonal Shift, Second Pattern, Telephone, Secure HD Encrypt-6,
Encephalon-2 (+1 Int; allows use of skillsofts uploaded to headware memory)
I/O SPU-3 (Reduces SLD and SSLD by 4), Softlink-4 (allows use of 4 skillsofts
Skillwires Plus 3 (allows total of 6 active skill levels to be used), 120 Mp headware
Data Management SPU-4 (effectively doubles headware memory)

SLD (for Encephalon, headware) max$0/250. If a skillsoft is run through the
datajack, multiply its Mpx2.5 and add to headware memory used before
calculation. Up to 300 Mp may thus be used via skillsoft through the datajack
with no effect on SLD.

SSLD (for Skillsoft) Total Loaded/100. With I/O port above, up to 400 Mp of
non-active skillsofts can be loaded without suffering from delay.

ACTIVE (all rating 3)
Armed Combat, Unarmed Combat, Demolitions, Gunnery, Electronics,
Electronics B/R, Computer B/R, Bike, Car, Motorboat, Rotorcraft,

KNOWSOFTS (etiquettes are 4, all others are 3)
Corp, Matrix, Media, Street, Tribal etiquette
Biology, Computer Theory, Software, Magical Theory, Military,
Psychology, Sociology

Smart Manhunter w/Silencer, Smart Narcojet pistol, Smart Crusader MP w/Gasvent-2
Smart Defiance T-250, Form-Fitting Armor-3, Secure Jacket, Secure Vest,
Binoculars, Codebreaker-6, Dataline Tap-6, Laser Mic-6, Shotgun Mic-6, 5xTracking
Signal Locater-6, Dataline Scanner-6, Bug Scanner-6, Data Encrypt-6, Jammer-6,
White Noise Generator-6, 2 months Middle Lifestyle prepaid(includes feeble
commuter car),
Retinal Scanlock-6 at home, 1000 Mp telecom, Pocket Secretary, DocWagon Gold,

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