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Message no. 1
From: "Robert A. Hayden" <hayden@*******.MANKATO.MSUS.EDU>
Subject: A-011-a: atmosphere, unarmed-combat
Date: Fri, 22 Oct 1993 01:05:00 -0500
SUBMISSION: Alternate Unarmed Combat Rules
DESIGNER: Jason J Carter
E-Mail: Carter@***.EDU


Here's what I've come up with for Unarmed Combat rules that include Martial
Arts as a concentration, just like in the rulebook.

First of all I've divided up the different facets of Unarmed Combat into
maneuvers and added a few more. All people can use all the maneuvers at their
Unarmed Combat Skill Rating. A Martial Art consist of a group of maneuvers for
which the user may sustitute his Martial Art Concentration Rating for his
Unarmed Combat Skill Rating. A character can further more Specialize in one
of the maneuvers that his Martial Art Style includes.

Note: These rules elimanate the Subduing Combat Concentration of Unarmed
Combat, but the Cyber-Implat Weapons Concentration still exist and should be
used normally.

Unarmed Combat - The ability to fight with out using weapons. Unarmed Combat
Skill includes techniques gained from informal and formal sources that are
combined to produces the best possible effects.
Martial Arts Style - Formal or informal training in a particular method of
unarmed combat that stress certain types of attacks and defenses. A student
of a particular Martial Arts style is more skilled in the maneuvers stressed
in that skill by neglecting other maneuvers.
Maneuver Specialization - Highly stressed concentration one particular facet
of a martial art style.

These are the Maneuvers for Unarmed Combat and their game rules:

Offensive Maneuvers

Strike: Strike is any attack that uses a part of the upper body to do damage to
the target. It includes punches, elbow smashes, chops, and even headbutts. A
Strike does (Strength)M Stun Damage.

Kick: Kick is any attack that uses a part of the lower body to do damge to the
target. It includes all foot, leg, and knee strikes. A Kick does (Strength)M
Stun Damage.

Note: Kick and Strike do the same damage, but depending upon role-playing
circumstances, it can be possible to perform one while the other is
impossible. The two forms of attack are also emphasized to different degrees
in most martial arts forms. When a physical adept uses killing hands, he
replaces the damage for strike or kick with his killing hands damage code.

Throw: A throw is any attack that tries to force the target to the ground in
a manner that causes damage. If the target counterattacks but the attacker
still receives positive net successes in the Opposed Unarmed Combat Skill
test, the target is knocked Prone and takes (Strength)L Stun damage. If the
target dodges and achieves a Clean Miss, than he remains standing, otherwise
he is knocked prone and takes (Strength)L Stun damage.

Sweep: A Sweep is any maneuver that tries to force the target to the ground,
not to harm him but to throw off his combat rythem. It could be the classic
hook the leg and push attack done on playgrounds everyday or more elaborate
leg sweeps used in martial arts. To avoid being thrown to the ground the
target of a sweep must achieve a clean miss with the Power of the attack being
the One-Half the attacker's Strength or Quickness, whichever is higher.

Defensive Maneuvers

Counterattack: Counterattack is the aggressive way to respond to an attack, to
attempt hit the attacker while avoiding his blow. When counterattacking the
character can add Combat Pool dice to his defensive Unarmed Combat Skill test,
but not his Damage Resistance test. Note that this is the standard melee
combat defense test. Damage for Counterattack is (Strength)M Stun.

Dodge: To attempt to avoid being hit by an attack or minimalize the damage that
attack causes. When dodging the character can add Combat Pool dice to his
Damage Resistance test, but not his defensive Unarmed Combat Skill test. This
is the the melee combat Full Defense option.

Subduing Combat Maneuvers

Hold: A hold is an attempt to grab and subdue a target with the hands. It can
be just plain manhandling or painful but non-damaging joint locks. Hold is
the offensive half of Subduing Combat and uses those rules.

Escape: Escape is the other half of Subduing Combat, avoiding being Subdued.
It use the Subduing Combat rules, but only to defend.

The Martial Arts

This section is a list of Martial Arts styles and the maneuvers that may use
the Martial Art Style concentration level for that art.

Aikido - Throw, Sweep, Counterattack, Dodge, Hold, Escape.
Animal Kung Fu - Strike, Kick, Sweep, Counterattack.
Boxing - Strike, Counterattack, Dodge.
Capeoria - Strike, Kick, Sweep, Counterattack, Dodge.
Choi Li Fut - Strike, Kick, Throw, Sweep, Counterattack, Dodge.
Judo - Throw, Sweep, Dodge, Hold, Escape.
Karate - Strike, Kick, Counterattack, Sweep.
Savate - Kick, Counterattack, Dodge.
Tae Kwon Do - Strike, Kick, Counterattack, Dodge.
Thai Kick Boxing - Strike, Kick, Counterattack, Dodge.
Wrestling - Throw, Sweep, Hold, Escape.

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