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Message no. 1
From: "Robert A. Hayden" <hayden@*******.MANKATO.MSUS.EDU>
Subject: A-08-a: atmosphere, contact, Street Samurai II
Date: Thu, 21 Oct 1993 12:12:45 -0500

"The streets have only gotten worse, Mr Johnson, and I and my brethren have
grown tougher to accomodate it. I'm the hot new meat on the market: Quicker,
tougher, and meaner than my predecessor. My style? I don't just spray and pray
no more neither; I don't cut loose ten bullets for the price of one-keeps your
costs down, neh? Guns too loud? Well, I'm much more efficient at slicing meat
too. Whatever you want, I can do it better than anyone you're familiar with."

The Street Samurai II is an attempt to incorpoarte the advances of Shadowtech
and the SSC into the character generation system. Also, in reverse-engineering
the original sam, I noticed he deserved 2 more attribute points.

The Street Sam is basically a thug or punk who managed to keep the right 'ware
installed to rise above the rest and earn a living as pure brawn. Where other
archetypes invest their Essence in skillwires, higher intelligence, and other
exotic subsystems, the street samurai chooses only that which directly
enhances his combat effectiveness, particularly in melee. Not a tactician, not
a scout, the samurai is brawn, muscle, and power.

Final Note: With Essence 2 and less than half the BI used up, the samurai
has plenty of room for further upgrades. Also, there are three variations
listed below; feel free to come up with your own.

A=Atributes B:6(7) W:5 Reaction:5(6) Initiative:3d+10
B=Tech S:6(7) C:2 Magic: -
C=Skills Q:6(7) I:5 Essence:2
D=Human Body Index: 2.35/6
E=Magic Combat Pool:9

Armed Combat 4 Bike 2 Street Etiquette 4
Unarmed Combat 6 Stealth 4 Firearms 4

Wired Reflexes-2, Smartlink, Cybereyes w/Lowlite, Thermo, Flare comp,
Retractable Cyberspur

Trauma Damper,
Aluminum Bone Lacing (+1 Body vs damage, +1 Impact armor, STR+2M damage),
Muscle Augmentation-1

Choose 5
3d6x1000 +1025

100 Mp Data Display, Armor Jacket (5/3), Platinum DocWagon, Rapier Motorcycle,
Stun Baton,
Predator w/external smartlink, 50 Explosive rounds, Ingram Smartgun, 100 normal
rounds, Wristphone w/flip-up screen

As above, with the following changes:
Drop the DocWagon from Platinum to Gold.
Add Stealth Reflex Recorder
Add SMG Reflex Recorder
Roll 3d6x1000 +25 for starting money
This adds .25 to Body cost

Drop Docwagon from Platinum to Gold
Take only 3 contacts
Remove Cyber spur
Upgrade Bone Lacing to Titanium B:6(8), +1 Impact, +1 Ballistic.
Essence is now 1.2
Roll for 3d6x1000 +175 for starting cash

Drop DocWagon from Platinum to Gold
Take only 3 contacts
Add 2 months Low Lifestyle prepaid
Upgrade Muscle Augmentation to level 2 (S:6(8), Q:6(8))
Body Cost is now 3.25
Roll 3d6x1000 +325 for money.

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