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Message no. 1
From: "Robert A. Hayden" <hayden@*******.MANKATO.MSUS.EDU>
Subject: A-10-a: atmosphere, two-weapon combat
Date: Thu, 21 Oct 1993 12:14:13 -0500
SUBMISSION: Two Weapon Combat Rules
DESIGNER: Jason J Carter
E-Mail: Carter@***.EDU


Two Weapon Combat

Using two weapons in melee combat increases a characters ability to attack and
defend himself. When fighting with two weapons there are two styles. The first
is the parry/attack method while the second is the dual attack method.

When the character is using the parry/attack method he gains the following
advantages. The reach the character uses to determine melee combat target
numbers is that of the longer weapon + 1. Defensive Melee Combat Test are made
using the highest Skill Rating for those two weapons. The character can attack
with either weapon, but must use his Skill Rating for that weapon.

Example - Ginsu is fighting with a katana in one hand and a survival knife in
the other. His skill ratings are Armed Combat 4, Edged Weapons 6, Katana 8.
Ginsu's effective reach is +2 (+1 for Katana +1 for two parry/attack style).
When making defensive melee combat test he rolls 8 dice (the higher of the 6 for
edged weapons and the 8 for Katana). If he attacks with the Katana he rolls
8 dice, but if he attacks with the knife he rolls 6 dice.

Use normal rules for attacking multiple targets with the increased reach.

The dual attack style is used to attack one opponent with both weapons. To
attack with both weapons against one target apply +2 to the target number of
both attacks with an additional +2 for the off-hand weapon. For each attack
treat the weapon as if it had and additional +1 reach and use that weapons Skill
Rating. Combat Pool Dice are applyed seperately. The character gets to use the
increased reach of the longer weapon to defend, but he must use the lower of the
two skill ratings.

Example - Ginsu is still fighting with his katana and survival knife. However
this action he decides to attack with both weapons. For the katana, which is
in his favored hand, Ginsu has a reach of +2, rolls 8 dice, and suffers a +2
penalty to his Skill Test. For the survival knife, in his off-hand, Ginsu has
a reach of +1, rolls 6 dice, and suffers a +4 penalty to his Skill Test. To
defend Ginsu uses a reach of +2, but only rolls 6 dice.

New Skill

Two Weapon Style (Parry/Attack, Dual Attack)

This skill is the practice of using two weapons in melee combat. It can be used
in enhance both the parry/attack style and the dual attack style of fighting.

When used with the parry/attack style, the character can use the level of this
skill instead of that of his weapons to defend only.

When used with the dual attack style this skill allows the character to reduce
the negative effects of using the dual weapon attack style. To use it the
character uses a Free Action and makes a skill test verses a target number equal
to 4 + total length of weapons. For every two successes the character reduces
the penalty for attacking with two weapons by one.

Optional Rule:

Game masters who think that these rules make it too easy or too advantageous to
use two weapon combat styles can make the Two Weapon Style skill mandatory and
make all combat rolls equal to the average of the skill listed in the rules
and the characters Two Weapon Style, but never greater than the base weapon
skill rating.

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