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Message no. 1
From: Theoretical Anomaly <mlynch@****.EDU>
Subject: Aaauuuugghhhhh!!!
Date: Mon, 10 Apr 1995 16:26:58 -0600
Those were the last words from a friend of mine when he tried to
slide into Aztechnology's minor mainframe. See, he wanted to help find
my missing friend, and heard there was something going on that related
somehow. Anyway, I sat back and was not even able to react before he was
jello. Whatever they have, it is BIG and BAD. It's located in the Tyros
node off of the main line. I got the address from his "little black
box" at least, that's the colour his deck is now, after being fried...
What is with this one clip I salvaged?

---Insert text---
^z7h~73;'(5`.-l group was prepared similarly, with a 12% per
ounce solution of Rottenger's formula, injected directly into the
membrane surrounding the embryo. Initial tests indicate favourable
response, and abnormal development is minimal. It appears that
Dracoforms are indeed capable of genetic manipulation according to the
Rottenger theories. Whether or not this will lead to a "domesticated"
breed is left to be seen. Primary testing does indicate low self-will,
but high intelligence quotient, but the lack of more tes subjects makes
further testing difficult. Perhaps if more eggs could be acquired we
would be able to further our progress much more rapidly. Am indicating
such to chairman.
Later de*7%fh^ ue 6 7^& y--
---End insert---

Rottenger was that geneticist who was booted from UCAS for
expermimenting, publicly, on sentient beings. At least that's what my
contact told me. Any ideas what's going on here? I'm getting real

Theoretical Anomaly


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