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Message no. 1
From: Paolo Marcucci <paolo@*********.IT>
Subject: Addendum to Trieste Matrix
Date: Wed, 9 Jul 1997 15:42:36 +0200
(>) It strikes me that this probably wouldn't get too much further before
some corporation takes advantage of the "third world" status of the
problem's location and simply blows the Matrix repeaters to isolate/excise
the problem while it's still a "minor surgery." If it spreads too far,
it'll mean dumping the entire physical infrastructure of the Matrix and
re-building it from the ground up - something no one can afford the price
tag on. Better to lose this portion that the whole thing.
(>) Hudson

(>) So that was a Matrix node…
(>) DeckerSamurai

(>) Which 'that'?
(>) DeckerDecker

(>) A machinery piece in a room we blew up two nights ago, just five kms
out of the border. Our contractor told us this was for the safety of the
world… but, of course, we didn't believed him. Instead, we believed his=
(>) DeckerSamurai

(>) The appearance of your contractor, if I may ask?
(>) DeckerDecker

(>) Well, a young elf male…
(>) DeckerSamurai

(>) … with red hair, right?
(>) DeckerDecker

(>) Yeah, how do you know that?
(>) DeckerSamurai

(>) He contracted us too. For a similar mission and with similar=
(>) DeckerDecker

Sorry, I coulnd't resist :)
Paolo Marcucci paolo@*********.it
InterWare Service Provider Trieste, Italy Tel. +39-40-411400

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