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Message no. 1
From: "Robert A. Hayden" <hayden@*******.MANKATO.MSUS.EDU>
Subject: ADMIN: Information on the Shadowrun Drive Drive
Date: Fri, 1 Sep 1995 23:26:30 -0500

Ladies and Gentlemen (and all non-Terran people too):

It is now time for the Shadowrun Mailing List Drive Drive!

We are attempting to raise a few bucks to get a hard drive that we can
install on a computer and put on to the net that can act as the official
FTP site for all your net.Shadowrun needs. JD Falk
(jdfalk@************.org) has agreed to administrate the new site, which
will be located somewhere int he net.neighborhood of CAIS.COM, who agreed
to put the drive up on their machines.

The main reason for doing this is that the current FTP site,, is gruesomly slow and buggy. The main reason for
purchasing our own drive instead of getting space on another system is so
that if the need efer arose, we could easily move the hardware and data
to a new location.

With drive prices plumettign daily, we shoudl be able to get ahold of a
fairly large drive for a fairly good price. At least in the 1GB+ size.
Any extra moneies we get will go to purchase a few tapes so that the
drive can be backed up. Any in excess of THAT will be distributed to
those people in Europe or Autrailia that are going to be setting up
overseas mirrors of the site.


We are going to organize this Drive Drive telethon fashion. That is, you
pledge a certain amount. $10 is recommended, although you are welcome to
contribute what you can afford.

We are also going to offer several premiums. These will be auctioned off
to hopefully increase the amount we get and to add a little excitement.
Some items are available in unlimited numbers, and will be a girf to
those that pledge a certain amount. Some items are limited in quantity
and thus will be given tot he person that bids the most. Remember, all
monies (save any production and shipping costs) will go to the drive, so
the prices will be higher than their "street" price :-)

Minimum Bid Current Bid Item Description
$25 Unlimited NERPS Shadowlore or Foundations (bound and
$40 Unlimited NERPS Shadowlore AND Foundations (bound
and signed)
$50 Unlimited NERPS Shadowlore, Foundations, and
Shadowlore II (when available)
$35 -- 1995 Shadowrun Mailing List T-shirt
(+$5 for foreign foreign shipping)
$35 -- 1995 Shadowrun Mailing List T-shirt
(+$5 for foreign foreign shipping)

* I have available several PC Computer games. If there is interest, I'll
make up a list and put it up, let me know.

* If you have something would want to put up on the list, let me know.
Also include the minimum pledge/bid you think is appropriate.



If you wish to pledge for the Drive Drive, drop an email message to
hayden@******* with the subject line of "Shadowrun
Pledge". Any other subject line will be ignored.

Put into you message a mention of how much money you are pledging. If
you are pledging for one of the premium items, also list that in your
message. For example:

I'm pledging $35. Apply this towards one of the tshirts.

If the item you are pledging at is a bidding item, you won't be obligated
to honor your pledge if someone outbids you. If you pledge on an
unlimited item or on no item, you are expected to pay up when we're
done. :-)

Once the pledge drive is finished, instructions on how to pay up will be
emailed to you or to the list.

If you have any questions, let me know.


NOTE: We need more premium items. If you got something, let me know.

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