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Message no. 1
From: "Robert A. Hayden" <hayden@*******.MANKATO.MSUS.EDU>
Subject: ADMIN: Some Things
Date: Wed, 19 Oct 1994 23:05:42 -0500
Alright folx, let's talk about a few things....

Because if an increasing lack of time, coupled with a couple of other
things, I'm going to take another step back from my current administrative
duties and turn even more of them over to other people. Please take a
moment to read through the following things and let me know if you are
interested in any of them. Instructions on how to "apply" are included
below. Please follow them to keep things somewhat organized on my part.


ShadowRN FAQ:
I need somebody to take over the maintanence of the RN FAQ. You
need to keep information in it current and organized. In addition, you
would be responsible for posting it at least one time per month to the RN
mailing list and to a couple of USENET newsgroups (,, and I think a couple of others).
Also, you will be required to mail a "Welcome to ShadowRN" packet
to new subscribers. This volunteer will receive a message in the mail
whenever a person subscribes to the list and it is a simple process to
utilize a shell script to plug off the mail (I have the programs
written). This is approximately 10 people a day that subscribes to the
mailing list.


This is probably the job of J.D. Falk, but I don't want to speak
for him. Basically, it's identical to the above. Mail to new
subscribers, post periodically to the NERPS and RN lists, as well as a
couple of newsgroups.


ShadowTK FAQ
This is probably the job od Jason Carter, but again I don't want
to speak for him. Identical to the other FAQs, except for different
lists and newsgroups.


ShadowTalk Cast Listing
Right now, this is a fairly monsterous undertaking, but it is
probably not suitable for splitting up between several people. Right now
it needs to be cleaned out of null character (those characters that were
submitted and never used) and long gone or dead characters need to be
identified as such. In addition, there are about 30 current entries that
need to be made (I might actually do them before turning over the reigns
just to make sure they are taken care of and save forwarding them all
You duties will be to add additioanl character submissions, using
the formats outlined in the TK FAQ. Next, you need to make a monthly
mailing of the cast listing to those specific people that want a copy of
the cast. This could be accomplished through a mailing distribution, but
a mailing list server (like majordomo) that would allow people to
subscribe and unsubscribe without human help would be much much better in
the long run (I had this working on Vorlon during the summer). Lastly,
you will need to send a copy of the cast listing to first-time
subscribers. This can be accomplished with an easy unix shell script.


ShadowTalk Log
It will be this person's obligation to edit the Shadowtalk log
every week. This editing consists of getting the weekly log from the
listserv, removing the headers of the messages, and correcting any BLATANT
editing screwups (people posting in 132-column mode, for example). Next
you need to mail it to a group of people that want the edited log (which
can, once again, be a distribution, but is better as a mailing list to
allow automated subscriptions), and you will have to ZIP up a copy and
put it on the cerebus FTP site (details can be worked out with Jerry
Stratton to get access when the time comes).
This will occupy approximately 30 to 60 minutes a week, depending
on the size of the file.


That's it for the open "jobs". Here's how to apply for them.

NOTE: Preference for the RN, TK, and NERPS FAQs will go to Doom, Jason
Carter, and J.D. Falk (in that order) if they want them.

What you need to do is to drop me an email. Please put in the subject
line which position(s) you are applying for. Note that access to a shell
account is probably better, as is familiarity with unix scripting. In
addition, preference will go to people that have been on the list(s) for
a while. Also include a little but (maybe a paragraph) telling me why
you'd be a good candidate (ie, sell yourself). I'm looking for people
that know what they are doing and will consistently do the job they
volunteered for. If you are seeking net.glory, please look elsewhere.

I probably won't start making decisions before the end of the week.
Things will start to be turned over probably no later than November 1.
My goal is to be pretty much relieved of my duties by the time I go to
New Orleans for the holidays (around dec 12-15 or so).

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