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Message no. 1
From: The Deb Decker <RJR96326@****.UTULSA.EDU>
Subject: A Special Fixation
Date: Thu, 4 Nov 1993 03:02:05 GMT
Gee, I have other things to do, but before I kill this file I just want to
go over a few things that caught my attention:

All of this to be taken with a BIG smiley face which I won't include for the
sake of brevity.
>The availibilty limit 6 is not needed. Otherwise ok.
I believe later discussion agreed.

All but one fix essentially said "more quotes/background/flavor"
Amusing what people miss.

>Street Samurai II
>Designer not given. Description not given.

Because the original post included both this guy and the espioange
as one package.

>I know it's nitpicking, but could we please have some capitals around here
>somewhere in the listing of weapon names?
It IS nitpicking. With as many people contributing as much as they
did, expecting this would have been an editorial nightmare. Let
FASA fix it when they. . .oh, never mind. Dsylexics proof better
than FASA :)

>Needs to include items from the NAGEE vol.1-4 and any items in TOME
Whoa HO! The whole point of this project was to have something
BESIDES NAGEE. Most of the folks on the list develop heart disease,
they take so much salt when they read NAGEE. Also, that's a large
undertaking; I know because I have all 4 in Postscript (printed
out as well) and waded through things for my campaign.

>Metahuman Mindlink Spell
5 out of 8 posts wanted to know why it said "metahuman only". The
poster stated when it was discussed that in his mind metahuman=human
and metas.

>High Intelligence
> 4) There are NO Metahuman races with a natural reaction above 6.
Don't Elves get something like +2 Quickness? I may be wrong on their
precise bonuses, but if they do then that's a max natural Reaction of
7 (I don't think they're less intelligent. 6+8/2=7)

>+2 Quickness, +1 Charisma, +1 Intelligence, -1 Strength
A cumulative +3 bonus, which was our initial guideline

>Should include +1 Body, change Strength to -2; needs another penalty
With those mods, it's STILL a +3 bonus.

> 2) They should receive no bonuses to Social Skills...this
>advantage is of such a broad-spectrum in terms of application, it is

Like a cybernetic bonus to all Active Skills isn't.

>AP flechette - +1 wound level on unarmoured targets only. This is due to
Wow. . .an AP round that only does extra damage against unarmored foes!

>Hollow Point - +1 wound level vs. living (not only people)
I agree. . .it could've been clearer. Unfortunately, I promise you
I do not have the time to fix it. OH well. You know what I meant.
BTW, what about the UNDEAD? Silver Hollow Points. . .

Explosive, HEAP, Incediary and AP Incenidary -
If the adjusted powerlevel is greater than 2xbody the bullet pass
thru the body and the explosive/burning effect is lost.

> Spelling, spelling, spelling. then. . . .YES!!!!!
I'm not a mage, and the editor doesn't have a spellchecker. And no,
I do NOT have the time to go through a real word processor, turn it
back to text and resend. I live with the typos of the 1.3 megs I've
culled from the list, only fixing them if they make meaning totally
unclear or just glare at me.

> Routers would have abosolutely no effect on Killer, Blaster, Tar
>Baby or any similar IC since they do not need to trace the deck to affect
Two arguments: 1) those programs cannot affect the deck unless they
know where it is; they have, in effect, mini versions of Trace built
in. 2) Trace just checks the connections to give the physical location;
IC affects the deck once the protocol is set up, and doesn't need the
physical coords. Those ARE opposing arguments. It's your game.

>A few examples would be helpful to show -WHY- one needs more than one
Or, to drive and fire a smartgun out the window simultaneously. . .
Paranoid deckers ALWAYS plugged to their guns. . .
Admittedly unusual situations. But people said the same about Fondu.
Most things passed and don't need revisions; there are indeed more
revisions for accepted articles than ones oficially marked as fixes. If you're
REALLY unhappy, do this:
Keep the fix list and append the appropriate ones to each item as an
errata/appendix when you get the tome. Or, when you print tome, do what I did
with NAGEE and simply pencil in your changes. Or download to a word processor
and spell-check away (you'll find out just how long this takes when you get
tome. I assure you it takes a while to get through it all).
Above all, these are ideas. I believe most of us are accepting of new
ideas. It is their implementation over which we argue. As always, that is left
to individual players and GMs. I am proud to be a part of this group, typos, bad
logic, political incorrectness and all. Can't wait to get the whole things.

J Roberson
Message no. 2
From: "Robert A. Hayden" <hayden@*******.MANKATO.MSUS.EDU>
Subject: Re: A Special Fixation
Date: Thu, 4 Nov 1993 03:09:21 -0600
Uh, can we keep tome stuff specific to tome instead of also posting it to
ShadowRN? All it will do is confuse people when they see followups to a
project they know nothing about.

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