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Message no. 1
From: Bert Van de Merckt <Bert.VandeMerckt@****.be>
Subject: A Story
Date: Sat, 20 Apr 1996 05:41:28 +0200
Lady Jestyr wrote:
> I had an idea, based on the Scrawls from the Sprawls APA - for those of
> you who aren't familiar with this, it's a periodical contributory work -
> ie all the members contribute a certain amount of pages per two months,
> and the compiler sets the whole lot out in book format and mails it off
> to all those who contributed.

bon. first story: "integrity" :)

[excuse the shorthand style i don't do essays :)]

runners are hired by john for a raid on some corp's labs. standard stuff,
corp is minor player, ... strange is john and friends wanna go along.

clue is the john and his friends are real sicko types who, when they arrive
in the lab, just start shooting everybody (lots of scientists there).

- what do players do? are they gonna save scientists? save john & co? run?
- getting out is gonna be a bitch of course...

john pays when he's save (the largest part of it anywayz).

okay, i know, lots of work to be done, but i think that will make a nice run.
award karma according to path chosen. maybe even if you can make the scene
real groce, tempt the players to join john. heh.


"Pub: Ah,yes,a meeting place where people
attempt to reach advanced states of mental
incompetence by the repeated consumption of
fermented vegetable drinks." - Kryten
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