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From: DJ Wipeout <wipeout@***.COM>
Subject: ATLAS: Tulsa,
Date: Tue, 19 Apr 1994 19:41:05 -0400
To: nerps@*****
Subject: ATLAS: Tulsa,
Reply-to: wipeout@***.com (DJ Wipeout)

Tulsa, Ok
Tulsa, Ok of the 21st century has become the capital of UCAS Oklahoma.
Unlike the capital of the original Oklahoma, Oklahoma City, Tulsa
voted overwhelmingly to stay with UCAS during its split in 2036.
Grounded in its early 20th century history as "Oil Capitol of the
World" (A moniker given it by the US government largely as a
propaganda move against foreign oil interests), Tulsa has become one
of UCAS' foremost producers and research centers in fuel technology,
ranging from the classic fossil fuels to the "earth-friendly" fuel
sources such as geothermal and solar energy, and even into the field
of nuclear energy. Towards this end Tulsa maintains the University of
Oklahoma, UCAS, (formerly the University of Tulsa) unequalled in most
of North America in fuel research. Tulsa is also the home to some of
the southern UCAS' most religiously fundamentalist policlubs, and a
strong Native American influence as well. Writeup includes outlying
suburbs and some more rural sections of Northeastern Oklahoma.

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