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Message no. 1
From: "MARTIN E. GOTTHARD" <s457033@*******.GU.EDU.AU>
Subject: Aust. and Indonesia (discussion)
Date: Wed, 16 Apr 1997 09:24:55 +1000
> Actually, I took a look at what you had on your site.

One of only 4 since Lady Jestyr put the counter up.

> Pretty good. Obviously needs to be fleshed out more (some
> of it almost looks more like notes to yourselves than
> anything else), but the material content looks about right.

There's since been a second draft with more information posted, and AFAIK
there will (sometime in the next week) be a few critters posted like Drop
Bears, and Awakened Roos.

At some stage I'll pull a copy back off the net and edit it to improve
the tone; It was written from stuff Shaman and I discussed over christmas.

It's sad how fast things change in the world.... when I wrote the
material it was looking as if the Aboriginals would suceed with their
land claims...that is no longer the case. I'll have to wait and see the
result over the next few days.

> Of course, I don't have Indonesia listed in the world
> powers, so I don't know what to do there. The official SR
> stance is that Southeast Asia is primarily a chaotic
> warzone, which could be very unsettling for Aussies I would
> think. Perhaps even more so than one threatening gov, it
> would likely be more frightening to have a very unstable
> border zone. Easy justification for military build up.
> Or, if you really want Indonesia, write it up and we'll
> insert it into the doc.
That'd be excellent...... I'm not really familiar with Indonesia or its
people, so I'd be afraid to write something as sole author in case it's

The key things to include in a rough overview would probably be
overpopulation and increased industrial capacity (Asian tiger style)....
Indonesia could also be inlvolved in minor border wars with Malaysia and
Singapore, etc..... Part of the general degeneration that's been hinted.

Indonesia would probably be heavily corporatised, unless they forcibly
ejected and/or nationalised all corps in an isolationist fit in about 2029.

It'd probably also be interesting to put something about Pirates and
bandits in, but that's apparently the province of an official FASA
sourcebook in the near future.



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