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Message no. 1
From: "J.D. Falk" <jdfalk@************.ORG>
Subject: authorid# (fwd)
Date: Sat, 8 Jul 1995 15:12:54 -0400
This was sent only to me....

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Date: Fri, 7 Jul 1995 20:41:18 -0500
From: John M. Randall <jmrandal@********>
To: jdfalk@****
Subject: authorid#

sorry I couldn't find the address to do this to. Anyway...
Shadowlore II
Metagenic Weapons
James Randall
no auther id has been issued
Metagenic weapons are weapons that once inside realese a toxin. The toxin
will slowly start to break down the victim's cell structure. For instance,
a bullet with a metagenic toxin inside, once inside would become active and
start the deteriation proccess. Or a gas bomb. If the gas were inhaled
again the victim's cells would just breaK down. However, If these typw of
weapons still did exsist, than there would be a big element of risk to the
person who possesses the m/g weapon. Just an idea though, all the metagenic
Message no. 2
From: "J.D. Falk" <jdfalk@************.ORG>
Subject: Re: authorid# (fwd)
Date: Mon, 10 Jul 1995 09:16:00 -0400
On Sat, 8 Jul 1995, J.D. Falk forwarded John M. Randall's message:

> Registration
> Shadowlore II

Sorry, can't do it -- Shadowlore II is long over.

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