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Message no. 1
From: "Robert A. Hayden" <hayden@*******.MANKATO.MSUS.EDU>
Subject: B-003-a: bioware, alternate rules for magic loss from bioware
Date: Mon, 25 Oct 1993 23:17:55 -0500

These are optional rules to more realistically determine essence
loss for magic users who have had bioware installed. Please
remember, though, that the maximum amount of bioware you can
install is equal to you unaltered Body score.

Type Compatibility Essence Loss Price
------- ------------- ------------ -------------
Cultured 100% 10% Base x 4
Clonal 100% 20% Base x 2
Type O 90% 30% Base
Type G 75% 45% Base x 0.8
Second Hand 3d6 x 5% See Below Base x 0.4

Essence Loss refers to the percentage of the Body Cost of the item
that is also subtracted from total essence.

Forced Growth bioware has its essence determined in the following
manner: Subtract the compatibility of the grown part from 100%
and then add 25%. Multiply the body cost by this percentage to
determine the essence loss.

Second Hand essence loss is determined as follows: Subtract the
combatibility rating from 100%, add 35%. Multiply the body cost
by this number to determine the essence lost (yes, this number can
exceed the original body cost).

Example A:
Merlin wants to get an Adrenal Pump (level 2) installed. He
checks his wallet and determines he has enough nuyen to get a
cloned unit. The total body cost will be 2.50, and his essence
cost will be .50 (2.50 x 20%). He also has to shell 200,000 nuyen
out to some street doc.

Example B:
Merlin has come into a second hand Suprathyroid Gland (I don't
think you want to know how). He finds a street doc to install
it. The GM rolls a 5 for compatibility (25%) compatible. Thus,
the total essence cost will be 1.54 (1.4 x 110%).

Do not forget that rolls must be made when the surgery is performed
to determine if there is any additional essence loss.

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